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LAUGHTER LOOPS enough to make a cat laugh! :-)


Hi Fiverrs :slight_smile:

I have created original laughter loops, Royalty Free.

Appart from a big variety of female laughter you can get my specials like… Laughter at the Haunted House!

The Loops are MP3 duration 30 sec or 1 whole minute!

Available exclusively on Fiverr. Check my gig-video with a sample mix. And please collect :slight_smile:

happy gigging - all the best with your gigs :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thank you oldbittygrandma! It is so comforting to feel that you are always somewhere around in the forum looking for what people may need and that you always have to say something nice and helpful :slight_smile:


Check this out. Great for your funny videos, presentations, games, apps. YouTube safe 100% as it is original and produced by me.

You can offer it as a funny gift too