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Launching Promoted Gigs

Sometimes even top-rated sellers with excellent reviews need a little assistance getting their Gig in front of new buyers. Why? Because there’s tons of amazing talent to be discovered on Fiverr. But today we’re launching a simple way to help your Gig stand out from the rest, introducing Promoted Gigs.

Promoted Gigs provides talented and experienced freelancers on Fiver the opportunity to grow and expand their business with only a few clicks. With Promoted Gigs, high-quality freelancers on Fiverr now have the chance to amplify and enhance their business as well as grow their revenue.

What are the other benefits of Promoted Gigs?

Show your Gigs in prime locations. Once your bid is accepted, it will appear in the most desirable area of the page — the top.

Pay only for results. You’ll only pay for valid clicks, not traffic — so you won’t be charged unless someone clicks on your Gig.

Control the amount you spend . Set a daily limit to help control how much you spend, and update your daily limit daily to continue to outbid your competitors for prime placements.

Boost your revenue, maximize your visibility, and get your Gig in front of more buyers.

How do I set up an ad?
What Gigs can be promoted?
How can I change my bid?
How to manage my daily spend limit?
How do I deactivate my promoted Gig?
How am I charged for my ad’s activity?
Where will my ad appear and who can see it?
How can I measure my ad’s success and optimize it?

All information and questions can be found here:


Awesome , I’ll try it :smiley:


This is a welcome Idea. I love this


I don’t see the new feature in my dashboard.


Same here. Let’s give them sometime


They’re hand-picked currently so that could be why (I’m not sure why they really need to be though). Out of level 2 sellers and TRS (though I assume it’s mostly TRS who have the feature currently).

Also I don’t really understand why it says it’s only for gigs with at least 30 reviews. Surely gigs with less than 30 reviews would need promotion a lot more than those with more reviews?

Maybe one day they might make it available to levels 1 and under too, as well as make it an automatic thing rather than a manual selection of sellers.


Where Is this option in dashboard


Just read what is written above and you will find it.

EDIT: I mean the answer.


I thought it was only for sellers who are level 2 and above (and only hand-picked ones out of those) and so those with lower levels won’t currently see it anywhere.

Though it seems like it’s not the current dashboard - it’s a different dashboard to manage your ads I think (ie. the Promoted Gigs Dashboard).

edit: It seems like an option would show at the top of the normal Fiverr screen (like when you’ve clicked dashboard or something similar) for “Promoted Gigs” in-between “Analytics” and “Earnings” (based on the video).



Sellers below L2 are out of ads at the moment. Period.

My point was that some people do not bother to read and just ask question because they can.

I am sorry for confusion.


Im level 2 seller with 2k+ reviews, all stats are 100% but sadly i dont belong. I think they select top rated sellers mostly. I lost my TRS 3mos ago :sob: Hoping to qualify soon!


did you receive an email saying that you are qualified to use the new feature
? or it just appeared on your dashboard? thanks :v:t3:


I wish “no review” gigs could get the spotlight sometime in the near future…


I think it’s not about what gigs or sellers need, the idea is to promote proven gigs that would be appealing to buyers.


But if it’s not for what sellers need (or want) why would they pay extra for these promoted gigs? If it’s to make things more appealing for buyers in general that’s something Fiverr could do with the search results by themselves.

It’s like why would someone do a book promotion if they needed many reviews of the book already? They do book promotion to start the sales off and get the reviews really. So Fiverr requiring a minimum of 30 reviews for a gig to be promoted doesn’t seem the best thing to do really. I might want the promotion to start a new-ish gig off, to start getting sales on it (assuming I was one of the people who had this feature).


All category seller will get this or any specific category only?


Only certain categories can be promoted currently, by those who are eligibble.

See the link below for the list of categories:


I think in the same way as you, the Gig need at least 30 review, okay… but i would like to promote my second gig who give me more revenue per order, i don’t wanna promote my main gig just because have more reviews


If this data was shared 2-3 months ago we could save so much MB space on the forum without multiple topics about Promoted GIGs:

We’ll evaluate your eligibility according to the following standards:

  • You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated seller
  • At least one of your Gigs is in an eligible category
  • Your Gig scored 4.7 in public rating
  • Your Gig has at least 30 reviews
  • You meet additional quality metrics *No, this is not vague at all. a-a, njet, ne…
    English dictionary: “quality metrics” = qua-li-ty me-T-ric-s, meaning: to give more money, pay more money

So basically you gonna put Level 2 and TRS against one another in bidding to place their GIGs on the first page?

We shall see the outcome.