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Launching Promoted Gigs

Well this only makes sense for people that have a pricey gig. If you just have $5 gigs, then you will spend more than what you’re making…


Apparently this feature isn’t available for me. My #1 gig is at 4.6, but I have other gigs at 4.9 and 4.8. I can’t see how to sign up for this.

Also, I wonder if it’s worth it. We are paying for clicks, but what if no one orders? A click to me is not a result, an order is a result. I prefer Fiverr when they make money after I make money. Charge me a 25% commission instead of 20% in exchange for clicks. I can always increase my prices.


I don’t have this feature either, and all my gigs are over 4.8 stars, level 2… etc… And even if I had it, I wouldn’t use it.

I believe this feature can be abused quite a lot. Competitors can easily click on your gig and make you pay for basically nothing. Also, it mostly caters to the more expensive gigs I believe, I see no benefit in promoting a $5 gig, I might spend close to that on ads to get a sale, so basically I will work for free…


I don’t have the feature yet , hopefully I will have it soon


This is great idea…


Should i be Happy to get “Promoted Gig” Option Or SAD :sob:
I got the “Promoted gig” featured at my profile - Which i got a mail - Fiverr has invited me for use that feature.

But When i visited at promoted gig page section - There is only one gig coming to select as promoted gig “That gig isn’t showing in my all gig page” I think, They has choosen my DELETED GIG - as promotion.

What that mean?
If my gig has been deleted - How could be show in promoted gig? - even i’m not able to view that gig.

If fiverr promoted gig option " charge per click on gig - That amount will be deducted to “Seller Fiverr Balance” then Seller have to option to change/select gig option, Which gig - they wanted to Promote it. "Why fiverr dominating the seller to not select gig - which is seller wanted to promote gig?


@mjensen415 It’s really nice concept. Anyways i need to push my self to eligible for this. :smiley:


i did`t got this feature. anyone else got it?


I am starting to think that all the search feature all the users were reporting that their gigs are pushed back, i think it was on purpose by fiverr because they thought the one that are pushed back will pay to bring it back at top, so all this problem was because of them. There was no search problem, it was all made up by fiverr.
Secondly, i personally think that this feature wont work. As far my studies says, when a user have a successful project with 5 star rating, his or her gig should go up, but this happened with me it went down instead so i doubt if this works properly


I hope to see many more categories. This is interesting.


I hope to qualify by next evaluation date


That’s great… Would really love to see this features on my account as well


Maybe it will be mostly TRS who win the top positions in the searches/categories with promoted gigs as they will probably have the higher priced gigs on average (so they might lose less per sale on average if they promoted their gigs compared to a level 2 seller with a lower price gig).

Maybe also Fiverr Pros with a level 2 or TRS level (or mostly Fiverr Pros who are TRS, depending on the number of them in the subcategory). Though Pro gigs are already promoted more than other gigs.


That’s great. Ill try it.


Hey, What level do you have to be to qualify for promoted gigs? And can I pay through my Fiverr balance?


Level 2 or top rated.

But it’s not available for everyone. I am level 2, have high ratings and I don’t see the option. But as I said above, it’s very easy for others to abuse it, and for my price points it’s just not worth it


So, I’m a level 2 seller and I have a gig where I promote fiverr gigs. Can I promote it in promoted gigs? :confused:


Isn’t that against the rules?


Absolutely not. I have contacted fiverr’s customer support 2 times just to make sure that I don’t violate any rule with this specific gig and they assured me that it is 100% legal.


I don’t believe this is true, because sellers from categories that aren’t even part of the ads program have been complaining about gig placement. Fiverr is/was not intentionally sending seller gigs to the back of the search results, just to force them to pay more to be seen. Why would Fiverr, as you claim, send sellers to the back of the search results who don’t even qualify for the promoted gigs program?