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Launching Promoted Gigs

fiverr should also add BUSINESS category under paid promote, because there are lot of sellers work in this category and day by day more new seller also coming and start working under this category, so it’s became very difficult to get job under this category! I am requesting to fiverr please think about this category.

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How do I know my bid accepted? It doesn’t work for me. I promoted 3 days ago, the result is .

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What does it say when you click on the blue-hyperlinked bid amount of $0.50?

Your metrics would suggest that your bid might be too low to trigger. Clicking on the bid amount should show you a ‘suggested’ bid amount to help you outbid others.

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I need help. Actually, I’m promoting my one gig last 1 month, and this was very helpful for me, but from yesterday my promotion option pending. I don’t understand happened.Any one please help me how to pending to promoted.1

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I don’t know if I should subscribe to this but i will give it a trial sometimes in the future

Learned something new today. Thank you!!

Yes, 0.33 suggested a bid amount for me but I did it with 0.50, and not working …

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So what are we supposed to do? I uped mine to 51 cents. I’m still way back on page 19!!!


Wonderful decision from fiverr staff.

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How to get promoted gig feature? i still didnt get it :frowning:

I will try ASAP :slight_smile:

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Just to let you know, customer service is about as official as you can get. If I were you, I would except CS as very high on the Fiverr importance scale. Just saying.

I just started the Promoted Gigs yesterday after being invited. A message showed up in my notifications and I also got an email.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure about this new launch but the best I can do is try it so I can give it a legitimate and honest review.

I attached screen shots of the notification and email so you can see what it looks like.

I was also invited to create a Fiverr Studio which I am creating now.

Some things are a mystery in Fiverr like who gets invited to these programs and why some people don’t.

All I know is your professional communications are watched and so are your - not so professional- communications.

It’s like I always believed that my mom had eyes in the back of her head because somehow she always knew what I was doing lol!

Well Fiverr is the same. If you keep everything squeaky clean and professional including all communications, your gigs, your portfolio and the way you reach out to inquiries and customer service then hopefully it is just a matter of time and patience.

If you have met the requirements for any of these special Fantastic Fiverr Favors (I call them) just continue to do good work and don’t worry about it.

They are Fantastic Fiverr Favors because they are helping you and holding the door open as a favor. But who wants to extend a favor and open the door for someone who complains all the time. You would rather help people who are nice and appreciate the help.

Just my thoughts.

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Hi Melissa,

I think what I said has been misinterpreted a little. I never questioned the importance, or officiality of Fiverr Customer Support. But I’ve had many personal experiences over the years, of different Customer Support agents interpreting the same rule in very different ways. I’ve literally had different answers, within the space of a few hours, from different agents, and that’s happened on numerous occasions, and regarding well established practices.

My comment was in reference to a CS agent promising a new seller that Promoted Gigs would be available to everyone soon. This seems to go against Fiverr’s methodology in rolling out Promoted Gigs, and certainly wouldn’t make much business sense (giving a brand new, un-vetted seller the ability to promote their gigs to page one is a recipe for disaster).

All I was saying was that, until I hear that from an official channel (like a press release, an update on the relevant support page etc) that I wouldn’t guarantee on this being 100% accurate.

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Super awesome Idea. I liked it but it might not help me because I have just started on fiverr.

Thank you for clarifying that. I know it takes time to sort out your thoughts and I appreciate the professional manner in which you did so.

Sometimes even top-rated sellers with excellent reviews need a little assistance getting their Gig in front of new buyers. Why? Because there’s tons of amazing talent to be discovered on Fiverr.

But there’s the “Best selling gig sorting” available, which should show those top-rated sellers first, as they are top rated for a reason. Except the best selling sorting has not been working for a while, and is like recommended sorting instead.

Might the reason be that no more free visibility is being offered for performing amazingly good, but you now have to pay to get those impressions, no matter service quality? (Except to meet the minimum requirement for being able to promote, which is ridiculously low)

And as the promoted gigs feature is not available in every category, at least those categories that don’t have it available should return to the old gig sorting, which actually shows best selling gigs when sorting by best selling.

Informative but very tough for a new seller

It’s mostly about the badge I think. TRS seem to get invited to most things first. eg. Promoted gigs, ability to be a studio leader etc. They are also much more likely to get the “Fiverr’s Choice” badge (despite level 0 being the most common level, you’ll hardly ever see them with that badge).

Have you checked your impressions and clicks? Fiverr has so many search algorithms that it’s impossible to know exactly where you show up. Just because you search doesn’t mean it’s not appearing for someone else.