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Launching Promoted Gigs

I just got the invite today, i have 6 of my gigs eligible for the ads.
Just wondering if anyone is seeing a bump in sales, i use amazon ads for something else and it’s worth it, but it generates over 100 orders a month so my CPC is about 7-10%
Anyone have any stats from their personal experience here, see a bump or is it worth it in your mind.
I do realize the product and niche you are promoting will make a difference, I am currently getting about 13k impressions a month for the gig i am test promoting and about 250 clicks.
I will report back if anyone cares, but share people so we can all learn together.

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I agree, decent or serious buyers ( ones you want long term) do thier homework.

Hey thanx for the heads up, didnt think about competitors with no morals or anything else to do would click on your add to drive your costs up.
Look people in today’s environment we should help each other, not be worse, jeez, don’t we all have enough shit to deal with.
Just play fair.

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Here is a screenshot of my promoted earnings so far. I had to edit the screenshot before I posted…that’s why I quickly deleted my last post oops! No personal info!

I hope this is helpful.


So it does bring in some sales, which is good.

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thank you for the share, so about 15% , not too bad.

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Yes and I also think unless your organic impressions are good and your gigs are top notch, it won’t matter. It’s not a magic wand to give you orders.

It’s like Fiverr’s Choice… you better be ready to fulfill the orders!

I have been using this feature but so far from 7 orders, I have spent $20 and out of these 7 two large orders are cancelled by the buyers within an hour of the order placement. Not sure, if they were real buyers or something is being done by the team to show orders. Moreover, since this feature has been started the flow of normal orders have reduced a lot

Where can i find the feature ?

About two months ago I got “fiverr promoted gig” feature but till now I didn’t get a single click through fiverr promoted gig I updated my tags, description and images but didn’t see any improvement in my promoted gig my bid amount is $1.
Any one here who can help would be appreciated.
Thanks you…

This is a welcome Idea. I love this :heart: :relaxed: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Wow, that’s great it’s a great opportunity to take our business to the next level

i need this how can i get this?

This is a feature that’s available to a select number of sellers.

You also have to meet the following criteria:

*Be a Level 2 or TRS Seller
*Have a gig in an eligible category
*Have at least 30 reviews on your gig
*The gig must have a rating of at least 4.7 stars
*Meet certain quality metrics

why i cant see the “Promotion” tab on my dashboard? I fulfill all the requirement.

It might be the categories you have those gigs in (maybe they don’t allow promotion of those categories yet) or the additional unspecified quality metrics aren’t being met (eg. “meet certain quality metrics” - which doesn’t say what those are).

thanks! but which categories do they allow, is there any info?