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Launching Promoted Gigs

Have you had a large amount of cancellations recently? Or late deliveries?

If your stats are lower, Fiverr probably took the feature away from you.

Fiverr has the rights to take away the Promoted Gigs feature from you at any time, so if something happened that lowered your quality or stats, then that’s probably why you’re unqualified. I hope this helps!


! cancelations and 2 late deliveries. It has been over 20 days so I hope it gets fixed soon

Oh yeah, those cancellations and late deliveries were probably the cause of becoming unqualified. After 60 days, those cancellations/late deliveries won’t affect your stats anymore.


I hope so, thank you soo much :slight_smile:

congratulations. i am waiting. No any chance yet.

when you will meet the criteria then you get this :blush:

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please let me know, what are the criteria?

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read this Fiverr Help and Education Center

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Hi @krheate what happens when you have 100+ orders and 2-3 get cancelled, some of those cancelled order are in why client ordered by mistake, my gig is showing not promoted option from last 60 days it appeared for 1-2 days but again goes to last pages

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Do you have only one gig lost or all of your gigs?

All of my gigs lost the ranking

Many sellers are facing this issue especially those who had cancelations or late deliveries, You may get some orders from buyer requests and hopefully it will be resolved .

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Hope for the best :slight_smile:

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I’m not really sure. In order to get the Promoted Gigs feature, you must meet certain quality metrics, and it’s been said on the Forum that those quality metrics can include not having too many cancellations and late deliveries. However, I’m not 100% sure about any of this because Fiverr doesn’t share what it’s quality metrics are.

When this happens, make sure that you contact CS so that they can cancel the order without it affecting your stats.

This is due to gig rotation. Fiverr has an algorithm to “rank” gigs. You can read more here: Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"!


Promoted Gigs is okay, but it still could use some tweaking. Not enough impressions per advertised gig for starters.

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