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Hello, I am here to introduce myself. I am Amy, I help people learn leadership and business skills. I own and run a sucessful Business and I am always looking for talent to provide my knowlege and leadership skills to. I have a passion for business and sucess in others. My dreams started by building a real estate company from scratch and have grown it to a Top Producing Company. My passions have grown deeper to help develop others to become the best they can be. I am able to help someone start a career in real estate world wide, provide them with all the tools and models, help them earn a passive income, and leverage themself to owning a world class business. Most importantly we will help show the exit statigy so you will retire the way you always dreamed. My limit is not only to that field I have consulted other companies and help other purchase businesses as well. Having the Leadership and business knowelge as a passion it will help you suceed in ways you may have never dreamed of yet. Let me put my skills to work for you! If you have leadership questions, business questions, I am a valualbe resource.


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