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League of legends account boosting


How to gain people trust, that you will rly boost up their accounts, when you don`t have any buyers for boost yet?
(Except showing that you rly are high elo on your main account).

Post closed pending review.


I can’t understand what you wrote, sorry.


Well, if you don`t play League of Legends I doubt you will understand :slight_smile:




I learn from stories I hear from others. There are those that take these types of games very seriously and many do not want to risk loosing their account nor the progress they’ve made on them. Even if the boosting will give them a fighting edge over others, they won’t be up for it.

Especially after several scary news reports of accounts getting banned without notice with little to no explanation. Or, my personal favorite, having extremely hard to obtain items removed from inventory and not returned despite mounds of evidence showing the painstaking step-by-step process of how those items were earned.

And even if you managed to find some interested parties chances are word will get out as some like to chatter too much which often results in major catastrophe. However; if you wish to assist them by way of playing strategies then go for it.


No, I don’t understand because you wrote gibberish. I do understand from reading other posts that you shouldn’t be selling this. Your thread is now closed and your account will be reported to Fiverr Trust and Safety. SInce you might be as rude to a buyer as you were to me, CS will get a screenshot of that as well.