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Learn about gig rank

Hello everyone,
If I change anything of my gig then
It will go from first page to another page? Or
It will go down??

I believe this will not effect on the gig rank but the suggestion is to not doing it.

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@exclusive_js: Please stop writing all of your comments in large black, bold font. It is oboxious and unnecessary. You have already been asked by others – in response to your other posts, in other topics, to stop doing this.

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Ok Brother. Thank you.

I am not your brother. We do not have the same mother, and I am not a “comrade in arms”. My username is “jonbaas”. I would prefer you address me by that name. It is inappropriate to refer to others in a business setting, or an environment like this, by pronouns of this nature.

I have no idea what this means, although, it does sound a bit… rude and inappropriate.

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