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Learn and Master in design?


Hello everyone!

Please help me out which is best education site for master in Adobe illustartor and photoshop?




I think its option A


If you want to be a master on PS/ill you have to study from different sources. LFF could be a good place to start. But if you are an absolute new to PS/il , I would suggest to try some free video from youtube. :+1: :mortar_board:


I assume you have reached these levels : basic and intermediate before going for mastering the above adobe software. If not, then you should try to learn PS and IL basics and then reach for the intermediary level and then think of Mastering the PS and IL, in my sense. Rest is upto you. I have tried the second option in the year 2010 and I learned a lot from there. I can’t comment on something I haven’t tried which is Option A.

You can compare the prices, inquire about the instructors (their experience and ability), etc.
This will help you decide.

The major boost to your skills will come from your own experience, until you try it yourself, you won’t be able to experience it. Try it yourself !!

Good Luck!!


Okay, Thank you:blush:


Sure, My level was Master in middle. So, i will increase my mastery. Thank you for all the kind words. I am really feeling proud.


Okay @rahulgraphics, It’s very helpful for me. I’m very much inspired by your words. Thank you.:clap:


I will try it myself. I really need to rebuild my knowledge


A is the beast for learn and full & fantastic way for improve you skills.