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Learn Badge should be featured in Gig instead of Profile?

Hello Sellers! I was considering to learn few courses from fiverr. Since not only it helps you polish your skills but also give you more exposure in the market. I have already completed 2 Courses.

But i just noticed that the Badges ONLY show, once someone clicks on your profile.

It does not show in our GIG page even under “About the Seller” Sections

In my experience (and i can totally be wrong) Mostly buyers just stay at GIG page and does not open our profiles. So having few badges in our GIGs would increase our chances of making a sale.

It is just a suggestion.


I Agree! this could be very helpfull in atracting more people to buy your gig

No it wouldn’t.

If someone isn’t buying the gig it’s because it’s not right for them and putting the badge there isn’t going to change that.

Focus on why people don’t buy your gig. Research your competition. Maybe you’re superfluous.


Well, it wouldn’t make people buy a gig they don’t really want to buy most probably, but it might make some people choose the gig over other gigs they are contemplating if the displayed badge was for a course that the potential buyer thinks is relevant, and the other gigs don’t have that badge.
IMO, “No it wouldn’t” is just as unfounded as “would increase”, “could” is much better, and “might, in some cases”, is probably correct.

The only problem I see with the suggestion is that the gig page might become too cluttered, between the actual gig description that most of us want our buyers to actually read, the recommendations of other gigs, and whatever else there is already.

To me, the most important thing on my gig page would be a presentation that makes buyers read my description, but it wouldn’t hurt if the badges were displayed somewhere below that. It might increase chances of selling the gig, and it certainly wouldn’t decrease them.

In any case, I fail to see how this suggestion means that someone isn’t doing other, (I’d agree) more effective things like researching their competition, too, and it certainly doesn’t indicate that their gigs, or they, are superfluous.


It also shows on your gig if you scroll down. It shows in the “About the seller” part of the gig which is above the “compare packages” gig section. Also in the search results it shows the seller’s level in text just above the gig title. Both of these are if they seller has a level (>level 0).

edit: my mistake - see below

Hm, I checked, but I don’t see the badges on the gig page.
Checking, however, confirmed my impression that the gig page may be overloaded enough already.

On the left scrollable part of the gig page we got …

  • the gig title and image

  • the portfolio

  • “What people loved about this seller”

  • “About this Gig”

  • some additional info below that (for mine, that would be Language, Industry Expertise, Document Type)

  • “About the Seller” (with the complete profile info)

  • Compare Packages

  • Recommended For You (aka competitor gigs)

  • FAQ

  • Reviews

  • Related Tags (oh my; and I looked when not logged in)

  • More services by (me)

  • People who viewed this service also viewed (mostly competitor gigs, again)

That’s … a lot to digest for a buyer. Maybe better to not put more info there, at least not without taking away some of what’s already there.


I Agree! this could be very helpful for trust

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edit: my mistake - I thought it meant “level badge” :flushed:

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Especially not they. Not to mention it’s really unkind (and unnecessary) to call a person superfluous.


Maybe badges on your gig would make you seem like a more credible seller so buyers would see that you are more trustworthy and are proved to be educated on whatever the gig is for, but that’s pretty much just the point of seller level, so it might just be unnecessary.

“You’re superfluous” meaning your services are superfluous not you as a person. I would have thought that would have been clear.

It’s not unkind. People want to know why things don’t sell. That’s why. But they don’t do their research to find that out and differentiate themselves (sorry – their gig) in the marketplace. And that’s why it doesn’t work. No badge will change that.