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I’ve recently created a FIVERR gig that completely will revolve around teaching new comers how to manage cryptocurrency. This’ll include ERC-20 tokens of course, and it’s the reason I’m posting it here.

I’m not going to actually hyperlink the website, or my gig…that can be PM’d to you if you’re keen on it. If you simply don’t have the time to learn, or even teach a family member - I would be of great service :smiley: !

Fiverr unfortunately bans any website used to assist customers such as DISCORD…which is what I originally wanted to use so we could screen share, and have crisp voice comms.

A little bit of a back story to keep it short - I’ve deployed a couple contracts in my past for some ERC-20 tokens I’ve helped work on. I’ve been in the scene for around 2 years - activity learning more. I bought a car with ethereum 2 months ago

Here is the REDDIT THREAD of when i bought the car for crypto :slight_smile:

MOD NOTE: reddit Link Removed