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"Learn fiverr" could boost sales?


Hello everyone again, the reason for this topic is to analyze the effectiveness of “Learn fiverr” when increasing sales or orders. Is it really worth investing in your courses with the first profits? Someone already made some purchase of these courses, someone noticed any difference in their sales when buying the course?

I await an answer, thanks in advance,



By purchasing those courses you are giving something to get something. I guess you should be able to get knowledge, professionalism and efficiency. I don’t know if it will gift you an automatic high rank to sell more while doing zero % marketing. Maybe it will maybe not.


That is really difficult to evaluate, I’ve found, because there’s no way to objectively measure the impact of a Learn course completion and Profile badge on either buyer perception or rank in algorithm in isolation from all of the other factors in your success on Fiverr.

That being said, lately I’ve been getting several inquiries a day and quite a few orders. I completed three Learn courses that were related to the work I do on Fiverr and I’ve been finding that the orders I get are related to the topics in those courses. I imagine this is or at least could be a completely coincidental correlation, but personally I feel the courses were a good investment. They do add credibility and it was nice to brush up on my skills.


Hi Jaime,

There is no official data or info in regards to this. Some people say that they see more sales some say they don’t.

Personally I took one of the courses which I thought might be intresting but I didn’t see any affect on my sales or gig ranking.
(On top of that from the course I took it really seems like they are giving the basics and for experienced people it might not bring much. However I’m always for learning new things if you think that might help you not only with new sales but even with just your skills)


It is very basic. That’s a good point. There wasn’t sophisticated insight.


Fiverr has this thing so maybe there is some data.

You are correct. They have the list of courses but they are all just basic information on what, where and how.
They are not talking about in details information and other things. But hey, it looks good on profile. :grin:


This is just my personal opinion and pardon if I sound like Miss Meany-pants, but
seeing certain posts here at the forum, some people sadly do lack ( and I mean COMPLETELY lack ) the basic skills for starting business. I would think that “having the right skills” and “use your own image/description” would be something a teenager would know, but apparently some people don’t get it. If the course is going to teach the basics of the basics of the basics, I think it can indeed help some people out, as long as they are serious.

There are plenty of great tips here at the forum ( AND it’s free) but a lot of people are not willing to take the time to read and get serious, so once they pay for the course that should motivate them to try harder.

I think…?

Again, sorry if I sound mean.


I think the majority of sellers will not buy the courses. The number one reason would be it is not free of cost.

Do you think those lots of people would spend their money on courses if they are not even working on the tips provided on this forum that is already available free of cost? I think not. :smirk:

I was focusing on the peoples who have already purchased some of the courses. And those sellers would probably be on the intermediate level or advanced level. And to those sellers, these courses are a type of basic (introduction) courses, at least that what I think.


…Sad but true. I gotta say, that smirk emoji is spot on. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Thank you very much for the answers, I read them all. Come to the conclusion that buying a “Learn Fiverr” course is a small long-term investment, badges and knowledge can be useful for more experienced Fiverr users.