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Learn from a fiverr course and create your own

Hello Reader!
Greetings, hope you’re safe from this covid 19.
come to the point. Its been a while that I’m on fiverr and trying to get some orders but haven’t been so lucky lately.
I took a course on fiverr that explains almost everything about fiverr from beginner to advance which is pretty great, I was think if its alright that i make a course like that in my native language and sell it on fiverr?

I’ve learned all the way to get first order on the fiverr the only thing that left is to stay determined and patient.

Well along with the answer if you’re some senior and care to visit my gig and quickly tell me if you find something wrong and highlight it for everyone having the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time to read it till end :slight_smile: