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Learn from fiverr - photoshop

Hi all,

I am going to buy and follow the photoshop fundamental course. Will it help me to get more sales or it’s just marketing words ?

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hi, yes it will helps you a lots. easy and professional tricks i think you have to buy course to make your work professional and there are much more to learn…

Not sure about “help me get more sales” means to you.

Unless it gives better exposure to your gigs, i still doubt that it can really help you get more sales at an instant.

There are other skills needed beyond a firm grasp on Photoshop, such like: creativity, ability to interpret idea into visuals, ability to understand the needs and problems of your client, etc.

But logically, it will help you produce works faster and better, as soon as you have mastered the basics.

Hi @codepanda,

If you get the course please review it after completing the course. It helps all of us. Thank you.

If you walk into a doctors surgery and see a certificate on the wall saying “Successfully completed 3.5 hours of medical training on Udemy,” will you feel comfortable coughing up for a consultation?

I Courses on Fiverr may help your gigs rank better in the search. However, benefits will only be temporary if buyers start coming to you expecting top quality but end up disappointed. If you are talented already, invest in a course to see if it helps boost sales. If it does, report back and tell everyone how you feel your sales have benefited.

Alternatively, if you are someone who can use Photoshop but is not a Photoshop-Pro, consider investing in a more thorough course offered by a Photoshop approved vendor. Then consider investing in a course on Fiverr.


If i have knowledge about Photoshop with 10 year experience in that and I have learnt from Adobe certified Institute then Why i need to learn again from fiverr!!

Most socking thing - THAT Learn advertisement coming in my inbox regularly and my dashboard too.