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Both of you do as you please, nobody guarantees that you would get instant success if you buy the courses.

When you purchase them you listen to them on the platform, and at the end you need to take a quiz to past the course, as simple as that.


Just great! go ahead and go big, love you!


I will be ready to complete the course after getting my first job in this flatform. I enssure you full course fees will be paid after earning from this flatform. Exually, I will be hungry to earn and learn with this freelancing sites of my best capabilities and honestly to followed forum rules and regulations.


very helpful , :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


very nice post . it is very helpful


really cool. now we can work and learn both on same platform


The badges and all are great but the fact that these will change search engine ranking is what seems unfair, basically making fiverr into a pay to win kinda game.


:smiley: :smiley: A little fail from a Fiverr side I guess… Anyone notice something that Fiverr shouldn’t allow to happen? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much for an awesome post like this. I have a question. What if someone don’t learn and don’t have that badge. Will it impact there sell?


Actually, I just noticed, that “Learn” tutorials are kind of rip-off… If you google the presenter, you can find exact same course about 40% cheaper. I personally don’t care because I only bought it to get a badge as I want to test impact on sells, but for someone who just wants to learn, let’s Google it first, you can get it cheaper. :wink:


Helpful but it should not be paid


So, since these courses are taught by Fiverr sellers, you might want to consider it. If Fiverr asked you to create an entire course based on your own knowledge about your gig area, wouldn’t you want to be paid a little bit when other people took the course?

Fiverr would go broke if they paid sellers for every course and then there would be no Fiverr. Somehow the course creators have to make a little money for all their work and the sellers who take the courses get the most benefit. Why wouldn’t sellers want to pay a small fee for the courses, knowing that if they were ever asked to create a course they would get paid too?


There not found web development course. Please make video course about that.


But are they all created solely for Fiverr? Matevzs1 is saying they’re 40% cheaper on some other site? The courses so far don’t seem to be a low price currently (if they’re 40% cheaper elsewhere for the same course Fiverr isn’t giving very competitive prices). If courses are designed just for Fiverr the creator should get income but the courses should still be reasonably priced.

It would also help if you could pay through Fiverr and if you could select which courses get displayed on the profile.


Some of them probably are and others are probably reselling content they already had developed. I still don’t have a problem with those sellers making money from their content. If they can get more for the content here on Fiverr, why not? If it’s cheaper elsewhere, a seller can choose to buy it elsewhere just for the education or buy it here. I don’t see any sign that you can’t do well on Fiverr without taking the courses, they are just available.

I suppose this depends on what value you think you are getting. I’ve occasionally spent a little extra to buy a product on Amazon over an lower-quality site because I get Amazon support, free shipping and super fast delivery. If someone is selling a course for $15 somewhere else and it’s $30 on Fiverr, I would still consider that a low price IF there is extra value to be had. If there isn’t, it’s fine to walk away from it.

I agree with you on this.


If anyone doesn’t have any skill why would he/she come here to provide service as a seller?


They want $ :):smile:


wow amazing :slight_smile: keep it up


Wohoo, Good luck Nika! :confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball::tada:


Hi @mjensen415. Is there any update regarding whether we’ll be able to pay for courses with our balance or PayPal?

I don’t want to be obnoxious, but for us non-US sellers, paying by credit card means we pay with US$ we’ve earned on Fiverr and which we have already lost money on for being paid in US$ and having to pay conversion fees and accept conversion rate losses when they go into our bank account finally, and when we need to pay the courses with credit card in US$, the reverse process happens, so we lose money on it 2x.

If I could pay with my Fiverr balance, or at least with PayPal (where I have Fiverr earnings in US$ until I send them to my bank account), I’d probably have taken a course or two or three by now.
Maybe this point could be sent to the relevant people for consideration.