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In reply to my own question - I just checked once more and it looks as if we can pay by PayPal now if not by balance, thank you to whoever decided to add PayPal as payment method!

In this case, I guess I’ll gift myself a course for Christmas, just need to decide which one. :slight_smile:

Update: I was too curious to wait for Christmas, got exactly the course from the screenshot, and made the time to watch through the videos and take the quizzes this evening, very nice, happy with what I got out of it.


Everyone has a skill, some people want to improve their skills. Go from amateur to professional, from professional to expert.

Of course, if you don’t know how to use illustrator and you take a course about creating logos, I think you’re going to struggle. Not everyone is meant to be a graphic designer. Just like people who can’t write have no business becoming content strategist.

But if someone loves drawing on a piece of paper, that person could benefit from graphic design courses, might be able to take his or her skills further.


I think the quality of the courses is really good, and they are not expensive, actually there is a coupon available now!


Yes you are Right :thinking: :zipper_mouth_face:


thank you so much :+1::+1:


I checked all courses, I mean it is great helpful for new and experienced seller increase their skill, truly and great opportunity for me increasing ranking.


Is there anyone who bought any course and done with it? I have some simple quires to ask. Please response if you bought any course.


Yea i agree with you…