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And here is where the drain starts to clog and the handsaw to get stuck :smirk: :roll_eyes:

I understand Fiverr needs money and also needs to skill train many sellers in order to be capable of doing a work and to offer quality BUT if this feature is also available to buyers, well… I guess only time will tell how things will come out :roll_eyes:


Not trying to sound out of the loop or anything but what’s with all these additions to boost credentials? There’s room and time to introduce to new features to provide tests and courses but little room and time to implement requested features of the likes of setting office hours, having an accept/reject button, having a simple-to-the-point rating system and levels system plus countless other items. Not only that but what will completing these courses tell clients viewing the profiles?

Yes you want to ensure sellers have the necessary training to do their job but a lot of sellers here have skills that they market that they learned off site. It’s a nice thought but time should have been spent addressing if not fixing issues users of the site are running into.


Great thing to improve skills , But not free ?


If this is true, I will do a few of them… that’s what some of the older sellers who are suffering a downfall these year, need!


To be honest, I think it will tell buyers nothing :wink:

The bait here is :arrow_down:

However, I must agree this will be VERY USEFUL for MANY SELLERS :arrow_down:


In my opinion, a good chunk of the current buyers buy from Fiverr due to lack of time to do it themselves (or maybe cuz they have other things to do in the mean time)… and not due to paucity of knowledge.

This is especially true in certain categories where the job that sellers do is very time consuming and not something a buyer would want to do by themselves. So, I don’t think it would impact the current seller demand in anyway. However, only time will tell for sure :smiley:


I am curious…does that mean a better placement in search or will there be an additional filter in the search function? Or perhaps both? :thinking:

Edit to add: I see the question regarding search placement has been answered.


To be honest, I think its going to tell buyers that the logo designer they are hiring is a Pro. In reality, all the seller has done is paid for a badge for watching 35 video shorts. In real life, they might not have held so much as a pencil since preschool.

Even if you are new to freelancing, you should still have the skills you need before embarking on your career. For existing freelancers, I find this ‘pay to get approval’ a bit rich.

Once again though, it’s fantastic to see Fiverr reaching out and creating jobs for people they have invited in to the platform. Hopefully this new bunch will settle in nicely. :wink:


It is a long process.
I brought one of the course related to my niche. The topics in that are almost 30 and the last part is the Quiz.
You will not be able to take the Test until you watch all the topics. So, I guess if I have to watch all the videos and questions are from the same then it will take me a month or more because we can’t just watch without understanding even if we think we can pass the test because it won’t allow you to move until you watch each video.

So, it will hardly be possible for people getting good sales because they won’t have so much time to spend on this thing and then pass the test.


If a person is afraid to make an investment he can never go high. I checked almost a lot courses but only 1-2 were related to my niche so it won’t even be 50$ for 2 courses just saying.

Also I think only new seller have benifit of this because they have got enough time. As the criteria for this is to watch every video and each lesson so as I brought one course it has 30 videos it will take me 2-3 weeks to view them all and only then I qualify for the test.

I have a lot of work so I hardly think I can give time on this course and then take test.


Fair enough. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, if I were offering a related gig, I’m not sure I’d be too happy that potential buyers could actually purchase a course giving away all my ‘trade secrets’ about how to do the gig, on the very platform on which I’m trying to sell my services, for the cost of just a couple of my gigs.


brother i think new sellers already invested on their real life


I really hope not !!! This will bring in more problems and frustations !!! :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, and when buyers figure this out, then… well, you know what will happen… :smirk:

Completely agree with you, but as we all see day through day on this forum, many, many, MANY sellers just embark and join the freelancing world thinking this is the same as selling bananas, potatoes or books. This type of people are not true freelancers, they are vendors or students or even persons that only need cash for whatever reason. They don’t know what is business and how it is run.

These people remind me when I was in college and gave private English classes to have enough money of my own to buy perfumes and clothes

In Spanish we have a saying that goes “For money the dog dances” (Por el dinero baila el perro).

Hope so too, it would be less of a headache. :wink:

Who knows if Fiverr gets to up-skill enough people so to roll out things we all really need like the accept/reject order independence :wink:


@arrumi96 We earn to live a happy life and spend in our real life. But if something benifits your business and you even have to put 1 month earning I guess we shall do it. If now you earn 200-300$ a month and then your afraid to spend 50$ then you really want to just earn and increase your bank balance from the same thing you keep on doing.


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great ,but need more help for get it.


So, you think you already know everything there’s to know about the services you offer? There’s no room for improvement? Your services are already perfect?


Great, then I’ll just need the option to pay via balance or PayPal before Oct 24th now, and I’ll buy a course. There isn’t one that’s useful for my own actual work up to now that I’ve seen but I’m interested in a couple of the courses related to marketing, branding, etc.


Good for the sellers as they will get a chance to improve their skills as well as would get benifit by getting badges which would be a guarantee that seller really is a certified graphic designer.


PayPal & Purchase from Fiverr balance will be a good option, Hopefully, the dev team will look on it. :pray: