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This does look interesting. I’m eyeing the storytelling programs. I’ll probably buy it once Fiverr lets me use my Fiverr balance.


wow…it’s awesome.
but all seller’s are not able to afford it.


how many times can we participate in the quiz once we bought the course? what if some one fail the final quiz? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I appreciate the opportunity, but I’ll have to wait until I’m bringing in more income to take any. Hopefully by then I’ll still have some time to devote to them. According to a comment above, the course outlines are more extensive than I thought. I’m advancing my skills in other ways now that don’t strain my already skeletal budget.

There are so many buyers, and more visiting Fiverr every day I believe, that I don’t think the negative impact on orders from buyers taking the courses will be significant.

Go Fiverr!!!


I bought Facebook Ads Targeting, so far so good. $36 isn’t too much compared to what I spend on other stuff.


I am going to invest in courses related to Graphic Design. Thank you Fiverr for this new thing.


I keyed in & it said Invalid code?
How you get the coupon code?


Since Earid (@wp_kid) went all rogue and gave out a super secret code, the error has been reported for a fix! I am sure they will work on it. If any of us gets an update we will post it.


Thats a leak. looks like we have to wait for a little to get activated. I will inform you all :wink:


Nothing to worry about! That was a strategy to mislead the enemy :wink:


I just found this Fiverr Learn, and I find it very nice. Not only to learn, but also to publish a course. I will look deeply into it, but I will buy some for sure. And I may try to build one myself who knows :slight_smile: (first I will have to check the requisites and how to do it). I am a strong supporter of online learning, big fan of platforms like udemy.


Wow its great. :slight_smile:


Great update.

I see a lot of people commenting on how “this is a way for Fiverr to make more money, sellers want to sell not to buy” and blablabla.

People, this is no different from buying a book to learn something, paying to go to school to learn something, or even buying a course elsewhere, again, to learn something.

It’s basically investing in yourself to gain new skills or improve existing ones, you should not be afraid of doing so.

Actually, there is one great advantage to it.

Not only does it benefit you by making you greater at what you do, it also directly impacts your Fiverr business with the badge you get and the increased market exposure.

Win win.


Cool feature! But one thing I don’t like is that it gives your gigs a better position in the marketplace. I assume the “best selling” filter is once again being used for showing those who have badges, even if their gigs are not best selling despite having badges.

At most have them showing in the recommended gigs sorting.


Great feature by Fiverr, I am going to buy the Facebook ads targeting course :slight_smile:


How you get the leak?


Great Initiative from fiverr. I would like to suggest that fiverr can start their own Font and stock images and graphics selling option here. As a senior seller on this platform for more than 7 years, i always like to buy more stock images and new fonts as per the current design trend and deliver high quality designs to all my clients.

I am awaiting fiverr’s font shop and stock image site.


Like for real? In other words now we need to buy your courses in order to be visible and get some sales? We need to buy traffic from you in other words.
Pure capitalism.


Hehe pre-order course?


To put it eloquently, yep.