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Am I supposed to take one or more courses to have my gigs rank better?
The classes don’t apply to my gigs. Should I take them anyway?


Of course you should. Maybe you could also create your own course to help others in the Fiverr witching and wizarding community!


Are we supposed to create another account to sign up for the courses? And if so how does it get linked to our fiverr account on our profile?

I’m not clear on how having a badge for the classes on my profile is going to help my gigs make sales better. If I were selling SEO or logos it might. I would like to stay on the subject of spells since that is my brand identity. I do find a couple of the courses interesting.


I clicked on login and put in my fiverr login and password, then it showed me as logged in, like when I first logged in to send a ticket back when, I think, it kind of created a “support account” which still is your Fiverr account though, you know? Maybe it’s like that.

Looks like this:


Hi It’s works now. :wink:


I already got a “You’re almost there. It’s time to get educated.” mail. Well, let’s not talk about whether I’m not already educated, but if that wasn’t a no-reply mail, dear Fiverr, I could have told you that I would already have been there if you had let me pay with my balance or PayPal. :slight_smile:


Once you sign up, how long do you have to take the course. Can we start when we want?


Can you complete it at your own pace? Like start and finish as you have time?


I don’t think there’s enough courses currently. There’s only creative and digital marketing and most of the creative ones seem to be about photoshop/illustrator. The prices should also be cheaper for at least some of the courses, plus like @miiila said, ability to use paypal (or Fiverr balance as suggested by others).

I’m also not sure having badges and a “Learn from Fiverr” section to say that someone has completed a course is always going to help a buyer decide to order the gig with that badge. Maybe especially with the date of the course and possibly because it doesn’t say how well someone did in the course (score/grade). eg. if someone has had a logo designing gig for months/years (maybe they’re a Pro seller) by Fiver showing they’ve passed a course called “craft a logo by hand” (telling them how to design a logo) from “Learn from Fiverr” very recently it might not look that good to the buyer (since the seller has been selling a logo gig for a long time, maybe for a high price but only recently done a “Learn from Fiverr” course on how to create a logo).


I will take both of the courses for Photoshop and Illustrator. Once, I go through them - I will share my honest opinion in a new thread.


good seller but i am not Effort i am working only $5 :frowning:


Enjoy this Courses To become an Expert and Certified Fiverr Seller! It’s good feature for all but someone will hurt that!


I complete my first course


This is FABULOUS, I’m a learner and learning new things is always in my deck of cards.

Please do, Freaky! :wink:

I just signed up to take the course with Jon Youshaei.

Didn’t have any snags.

Using my [lil Jon’s voice] Yeahhhhhh :tada:


I just wanted to share that before Fiverr rolled out LEARN. I’ve had a Stripe account and never had any issues with them. So, it was all gravy using my credit card!

I also used the discount code @wp_kid shared.

It worked.:ok_hand:t4:

So, thank ya, Wordpressian! :smiley:


Why so scared about this? Our buyers don’t have time to learn how to use Phothoshop or Illustrator for just “one” thing. If they had time or wanted to learn they could do it even for free. You can find better courses on YouTube for free, who wants to learn doesn’t have to pay for that.

So don’t worry. Freelancing will survive this, I recommend to you (to myself as well) develop your skills and don’t worry for your job. If you are expert in just one field, there will always be someone there to pay you for doing it well.


I purchased the Adobe Photoshop fundamentals course, which is really cool, although I knew most of the stuff till now (25% competition) the tutor is awesome, and the course is really nice, a lot better than the ones on other similar sites.

@wp_kid - Thanks a lot for the code! :slight_smile:


Wow! I like the certification part. Thanks for coming up with such a great idea.


Thanks mr. @arrumi96 I do agree with


Thank you dear @cuveni like your comments


I’ve been :eyes: the Adobe courses. :sweat_smile: Excellent choice! :tada:

My thought process was expanding my :brain: knowledge. Venturing outside of the box so-to-speak. Paying for the courses is definitely not an issue for me.

Knowledge is power!

The perks sounded good, too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once I successfully ace Jon’s course. :trophy::1st_place_medal:

I’ll purchase another!