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Congratulations! dear @cldisplay_seo


After I finish, the Adobe courses, I would get that one for story telling. I have watched the trailer, it seems interesting. Plus the guy is the best selling pro gig. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve taken classes in lots of subjects but wouldn’t want to list them all on my profile. How would that help my sales?

Marketing, English, Political Science, Economics Micro and Macro, astronomy, photoshop, etc. but do my buyers need to see all that? I could list at least 30 classes. I wouldn’t list them all on my resume so why put them on my profile?


Congrats i have see badge on your profiles,
if you see any improvement in your sales or gig then you can tell us your stories


I agree with you…this is also required for buyers.


Will Fiverr Expand it to other categories as well? not sure if i am liking the switch to buying and selling button. Looks like a people per hour in Green Color.


But this is really an nice opportunity and not expensive also. good things is there are experts to guide on the matter.


Just purchased the $67 course for Adobe Illustrator, discounted 10% so just $60.
Appreciate your code @wp_kid !
Now when I have no order I will watch the whole course.
It’s have been several years since I ‘buy’ something on fiverr. LOL.



Where did you get that I was scared of anything? :roll_eyes:

Maybe you wanted to reply to somebody else and made a mistake :thinking:

I will limit myself to say the following:

  • There are no courses for my category - I offer English to Spanish translation & Spanish proofreading.
  • My skills are very well developed in my field of expertise - I’m a bio electronics engineer.
  • I have my own business in real life, Fiver is just an extra income due to the special circumstances my country is going through. Until now, I never needed an extra job, I did fine and had everything I needed and wanted.
  • I have never been related to design, illustration, logo, content writing or whatsoever and I’m not interested on those courses either - whether they are paid or free.

Learning have never been an issue for me, whenever I needed or wanted to learn something, I did and will continue to do it - basically, I’ve been studying my whole life and giving the best of me in everything I do. :wink:


You’re a brave dude. :upside_down_face:

Adobe scares me but I want to rid myself of the fear and take the plunge. :sunglasses:


The course is actually quite interesting.
Even I take the beginner course (LOL) but it still taught me something I’ve been missing all these years.
Self-taught seller (I’m one of them) should consider the course, learn from the Pro is the best way to go.


What would you think in front of a beautiful pastry claiming that the chef is also a gardener, a mechanic and a painter ?


Great! thanks to fiverr gives us a new opportunity.


I would think he would only be mediocre at any of those things.

I prefer a specialist.


Mr @cuveni I appreciate you for sharing your valuable ideas!


There is no interest to let the buyers think that a seller is mediocre!
So, there is no interest to show so many skills that are not useful for our gigs.

I would be interested by a few courses but I don’t want to show them on my profile because they are not useful for my gigs and buyers may not understand the link between these courses and what I sell here. So, I won’t take these courses on Fiverr.


Yes, as you can see from the picture below, you choose the module. You can also pause the video at any time. If you close the page, you won’t lose your place so you won’t have to watch the same video again.

The only things you can’t do is skip modules. I guess Fiverr wants to make sure you learn everything. I also notice there’s no button to request a refund. So make sure you’re buying the right course.


I agree, there is always room to grow. I assume this will be something like Lynda or the Linked in version of it.

Mod Note: URL edited out.


That’s not fun! But I understand why they do that.
When I take an online course I always try to pass the test before the course and after the course to have a comparison before/after!


If you try to pass the test before taking the course, I assume you’re already familiar with the material and not a complete amateur, right?

It’s an interesting strategy, you’re discovering what you don’t know so you can focus on that.