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Yes, I rarely take courses on something completely new.

Are there some subtitles on these videos?
(It would be better for non english natives to have audio+text and for people like myself who don’t memorize very well what they hear compared to what they read).


Sorry, no subtitles. You can control the speed of the talent’s voice, lower it to 0.5, but then the course would last longer than it has to.

Maybe you’d be better off with Udemy or Coursera. They probably have courses in French.


Purchased the killer content one from Jon Youshaei, one of the courses that got my attention because I follow Jon’s work and I find him a great source of fresh ideas. For now, the course is really nice and clean, straight to the point. I hope I have enough time to finish it this weekend, but I am not in a rush.


Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile:


It’s really awesome and helpful for us to increase our skill. Thank you Fiverr. :ok_hand:


Don’t bother. Later when you’re doing good they will screw you over like they’re doing it to me.


This is the best features of the fiverr added but the courses are so costly.


That’s really true! Same happened to me as well…


So true. But its a nice initiative. Great addition to Fiverr.


Great decision by fiverr, I will enroll myself in Photoshop course :slight_smile:


This guy it’s really cool learn more, earn more.:wink:


When will the courses for other categories be launched?
Like WordPress. @wp_kid


nice information thank you for sharing


Wht is the fees of the cource?


I don’t know about the fees of the cource, but if you mean of the course it was $17 with the code that our friend @wp_kid shared a couple of posts above.


This is going to fall in Invest on me part. And i think this will help a lot of freelancers to gain clients trust easily that they are good as they are certified from Fiverr itself.


This is very helpful… Thank you Fiverr… I love fiverr alot… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Happy about Fiverr. It’s improving features every time. Fiverr is taking care of both sellers and buyers,




So now we have to pay to “be guaranteed to receive extended exposure on the Fiverr marketplace.” We have to pay to get our gigs in front of buyers.

What about people who already have the skills offered there? Is there a free test we can take to get that badge and exposure? I doubt it.