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I agree that learning is very important for business and whatever services we provide.

However, there are many, many free or off-Fiverr resources for learning. I’m sure some people here already have university degrees in design, programming, marketing, etc. that far outrank a tutorial here. Unfortunately, they do not “count” on Fiverr (other than in our ability to satisfy customers).

They clearly state that you have to buy their courses in order to " be guaranteed to receive extended exposure on the Fiverr marketplace."

That is not a win-win in my book.


Same question. I’d rather not use my cc and simply take it from my Fiverr balance. Also, I’d like to know how it will affect ranking priority, if at all, in their results?


yes it is a nice initiative


Great choice!

Jon is a nice guy who knows his stuff!

I just completed his course, you can read my feedback here:


Sorry I don’t have info about it, as like you I’m also wish to have some course related to web design or wp :slight_smile:


I am near to complete my second course


Sweet! Let me know if you nail it! :partying_face:

I’m sure you will tho. :wink:

Share your feedback about the course/instructor, too. :smiley:

Are you going for a third one?


yes sure i will share feedback
and after this course i will purchase next course


It is a good initiative atleast for sellers who want to learn new things but using these to rank gigs in the marketplace is extreme.

Not all sellers are new or lack skills but in a way forcing them to pay and sit through a video to learn something that we already know.

May be skill tests should affect the marketplace rankings or a seller should have a choice between taking a skill test or learn from fiverr.

There should be skill tests and tutorial both for topics that need more skills and leave it upto the seller to take either of these two to have better rankings but not both.


Fiverr should organize an open competition too, let everybody compete with everybody declare the top 50 or 100 people who bring results.


I love learning, I enjoy purchasing courses online especially if they are relevant to what I do, but I’m gonna pass at the moment.

I love working here, but my gigs have been all over the place lately. And I mean all over the places. It jumped from page 9 to page 3, to page 5 and now 10 in the categories and this is in the past few days. It makes no sense and I am not ready to invest in a course which might or might not help me reach a favorable position in search.


My sentiments exactly.


So, if successfully taking the courses gives ranking boosts, does that only apply to courses that in some way are in the same category as your gigs or is it completely unrelated? Say, you’re a proofreader and do SEO courses, will that boost your proofreading gigs?


And since courses are going to be continually released, is it the case that sellers can only maintain better ranking positions by taking more courses?

And will normal lowly sellers ever benefit from the better payment protection that course sellers benefit from by having buyers pay via Stripe?


Oh boy…:thinking:


I want to purchase a course under “Learn From Fiverr” . But I do not have a Credit or Master Card.

1. Can I use another person’s card to purchase courses from my account?
2. Using the same card in multiple accounts, is it safe or break TOS?
3. Can I use Payoneer Master Card to purchase this courses?

Thank you so much,


Learn from Fiverr
It’s a “Great idea”
We will get the marketplace standard course outline


But with time it can be achieved


Ask customer support. We probably don’t have many people who know the answer.


Why would I want do a Logo Design or Illustrating course on Fiverr?!
I’ve learnt my craft over many, many years - not by doing one course.

To be honest I can’t imagine the Fiverr courses being on par with dedicated websites like Treehouse . I say that because i tried the Fiverr Tests :scream: