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I see you took six tests. Do you feel it improved your gigs ranking?

Because 1. it’s on your profile that you took it and 2. It helps your gig rank better.

I agree it can seem demeaning to those with higher educations who are long time professionals with impeccable credentials. I think it’s really to help new sellers who have no previous education or experience. It’s not the right option for everyone.


I have completed 1 course. Can anyone see budge on my profile?


There is no test on your profile. I don’t know if you took a course or test and it’s not showing or you simply want people to look at your profile.


I took them because I was curious but even as I was doing them I realised they weren’t perfect.
I can’t say if they have helped buyers decide to choose me. To be honest I’m only getting about 10 orders per month.

Most serious designers love their work and are constantly experimenting and learning new skills. I just think anything fiver try to teach will just be really standard stuff.


My main issue with putting test scores on people’s profiles is that people will take the time to look at those scores then get bored and leave without looking at your gigs. People have short attention spans.


I’m not quick to hop on board with all new things, but I think there is always room to grow in one’s profession. I have a university degree and more than 25 years of experience and I still read books and take classes about my primary craft and side hustles.

The quality of the courses would have been a second concern for me as well. From the descriptions I’ve read and what others have said after taking a course, they do seem to be pretty good for the prices. If you don’t want to take a course and you are skilled, just don’t take one. Some people succeed by promoting off-Fiverr and some people do fine just by getting a regular set of repeat buyers. There is more than one path.


Hope willl have course for Affinity Designer software or focus on comic digital illustration.

At this moment, I interested to join Adobe Photoshop master.


Question. What if I failed the quiz? My money will burn or can take re-test until success? Is there have limit for re-test?


I will only do the course if it helps push my gig up the ranks which i doubt is built into the algorithm. More like just displaying badges on your profile which really don’t mean much if you have a ton of reviews already.


Sounds more like “Pay to Earn…”

What if you cannot afford to take these courses? It seems like an unneeded roadblock for those of us who already know what we are doing, and get less clients as a result of not having a 25$ badge to prove it…


I enrolled in 4 courses.

Completed 2 so far.

1 was awesome, 1 was a complete dud. :frowning:

I am definitely considering applying as a tutor for a course I have in the works. :slight_smile:


I’m not buying a course from learn, simply due to how much spam I’ve got from Fiverr over the past 24-hours.

“Big news! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Check out our on-demand video classes!”


Talk about double blooming standards.


Hi Frank, which one was awesome?


Stories that sell. :slight_smile:

and if one looks at my profile, they can easily deduce which one was a complete dud. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if taking the courses boosts your gig’s rank.

Yes I did look at your profile.


I highly doubt it, as Fiverr tried to pass that as an arbitrary thing, without any tangible proof/evidence.

However, I finished 2 courses at the same time on purpose, just so I can closely monitor any spikes in activity on my account. :slight_smile:

I will post if I have any interesting discoveries, but don’t hold your breath. :slight_smile:


I see a pop-up message today that use promo code: Learn15 and we will get 15% offer, is this only I got the message or you all get it?


Just want to share this for the one who may get the benefit.


They should make it clearer whether the search engine actually takes account of whether someone has passed a course/courses.


It says

And by successfully passing the course’s final quiz, you will showcase your new capabilities.

Therefore, by successfully completing a course, you’re also likely to gain more visibility in the Fiverr marketplace

The “likely” makes it sound like it’s just a side effect - that more people may want to buy the gig and therefore that in turn may increase your visibility in search because of selling more gigs.

But it also says (twice):

Passing a course is only one of many factors that can impact your ranking on Fiverr.

So they should clarify if the search engine takes account of it or if it’s just a side effect (more sales because of the course=better ranking).


So Fiverr is becoming a pay to play platform now. It doesn’t matter how much education and how many qualifications you have; you now have to pay for Fiverr’s courses to improve your gig rankings. I think having a way to improve the skillsets of our sellers could be a good thing, as well as having a badge to display on our profiles if we choose to take the courses, but I’m disappointed with the rankings part of it.


Well that’s the thing:

they were very clear when they introduced tests a while back: getting a good score and publishing on your profile means something.

Whereas now with the Learn platform, they are not openly admitting anything. They are merely implying that something good may or may not happen.