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Though I don’t remember them actually saying if the search engine took account of the tests taken/test results. It may be helpful to buyers though, but they could also put buyers off buying by the results shown and the scores.



I noticed something I did not like at all.

When I completed a few courses, they are presented in my profile in a way that seems like a Fiverr ad for Fiverr Learn. And there’s even a HUGE button for people to enroll in a course or two.

When you announced the feature, you shared a completely different screenshot, which made way more sense.

It had a text title that clearly mentioned the seller had completed the courses successfully.

Right now I just see a huge Fiverr Learn logo, then the courses I took but with 0 acknowledgement that I took them or succeeded in them in any way, the the HUGE CTA button for people to enroll in courses.

I understand the need to push for your new product but this completely negates the following incentive:

Oh I just realized that I was only seeing that because I was logged in. Even in “buyer’s mode” I could still see it. But when I used an incognito window I was able to see the same design as your initial screenshot.
So apologies for jumping the gun.


I don’t see the huge enrol button on your profile, only on mine when I’m logged in.


This is so not cool. From the “take a test” you recently introduced to this one, like seriously? Change is good, but too much of everything is bad. Recently you guys have been adding lots of stuff to your platform, making it less and less interesting to work on.

You’re indirectly saying that those that are opportune to buy the courses on you “Learn” will have better opportunity in getting orders which is so not cool. So Fiverr is now a give and take kinda of thing? I had to go offline on my account because of no sales for the past 2 weeks now, and now this? I think the best thing is just to delete my account and get it over with.


This new development has a lot of potential

However charging for competancy tests and not allowing to use fiverr credit (money inside Fiverr system) is really dodgy in my opinion.

So we are getting paid for work on Fiverr to then have to pay commission to fiverr then paypal or credit card and then pay again when we pay to buy on fiverr learn.

I hope the courses are good quality and I may take one just to be boosted in my search results, otherwise I think skillshare is a better bet. If the interest was to give accreditation to sellers on Fiverr they would have made strategic alliances with places like adobe or apple accreditation (I am an apple certified final cut pro trainer but putting that on my fiverr profile counts for nothing and I cant link to any proof offsite)

I would be interested to know if creating courses for this platform are exclusive to this platform only and what type of returns on the time spent course creators will get compared to other platforms.


I don’t think that’s the case at all. I’ve taken tests and haven’t seen my orders grow up. I think “Learn” is just another way for Fiverr to make money. Maybe they want to compete with Udemy, maybe they realize they have a captive audience full of sellers that are eager to learn.

Personally, I wish they would focus on getting us more buyers. Maybe Fiverr should advertise on The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, and other magazines and websites full of people that need our services.

Fiverr does get a lot of publicity, but it’s “how to make money on Fiverr” publicity instead of “hire people on Fiverr.”

Lyft and Uber are having similar problems, too many people are driving for them, so gone are the days of making big bucks with surge pricing.


You’re right. Selling a course is not the way forward for the platform. We need ways to bring in more buyers. If I don’t have a skill already, I wouldn’t be on Fiverr to sell. So bringing in the “learn” platform is not what we need. So if everyone learns the skills advertised, who will then buy from who? No one I guess.


No, I took Photoshop mastery course. I do not know why its happening! I can see budge on my profile when i am login. But if I check my profile from another browser without login, I can’t see this budge. :frowning:


You badge shows up fine.


What will happen to my gigs if I don’t take any courses? Will it hurt my business on Fiverr?

Getting business on Fiverr depends on many factors. Two factors are: your gigs’ exposure and your appearance in the Gig page and seller profile. Successfully completing a course indicates improvement the seller has made. Therefore, taking a course can improve both exposure and appearance. Your exposure in the marketplace is affected by a wide variety of parameters, and so is your recognition in the marketplace. Therefore, taking a course can help sellers succeed more in the marketplace, but will not hurt good sellers who have not taken courses.

(from the course FAQs, bolding mine)


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Its super, but the whole thing is paid .


I agree with @arruni96 too. Also what if you already have better skill?


I’m afraid when look at learn and earn from fiverr at my dashboard. Is everyone look like this or is it essential to attend such type of training from fiverr.


Yes, the batch is now showing in your profile. Thanks!


hi how are you . i check your profile you Successfully completed
Adobe Photoshop Fundamentals course.i want to know all process how to get this course.


Everything on this link


first buy then download class ?


Its worth the try but is it that important to buy the courses to get sales ?