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Introducing Learn from Fiverr, a new, affordable and curated online course platform designed specifically to help freelancers and professionals uplevel their skills and grow their businesses.

Our mission at Fiverr is to create the platform for the future of work. Our marketplace is already changing the lives of millions of people who have chosen to lead the freelancing lifestyle. And today, we are proud to introduce another product designed to help freelancers sharpen their skills – we call it Learn from Fiverr™️.

Meet Learn from Fiverr: the first curated online course platform designed specifically to help freelancers and professionals uplevel their skills and grow their businesses.

This new e-learning platform is not just another ordinary learning tool. It is a first-of-its-kind program uniquely tailored and crafted by Fiverr, featuring some of the most accomplished instructors with experience working with brands like Apple, Nike and Google. What makes this program stand out is the fact that for the first time, graduates of courses will undergo a completion test, earn a special course badge and be guaranteed to receive extended exposure on the Fiverr marketplace, ensuring that their newly earned skills will translate into business.

The courses

Freelancers will be able to take custom-made courses starting in fields such as graphic design, branding, digital marketing and copywriting. Specific topics include: branding, viral marketing, Facebook ads (advanced courses), and illustration, all taught by top experts in their field. In addition to core knowledge, Learn courses will also include freelance-centric content including creating a proper brief for clients, conducting effective market research and delivering the final product.

We’ve gathered some of the best instructors and professionals across all industries to teach on-demand video classes tailored for #freelancers, just like you.

Turning earned skills into business growth

Not only will freelancers learn the skills they need to succeed, but those who have taken the courses and passed the final exams will be recognized on theFiverrplatform by having exclusive badges for their completed courses placed on their profile page. They will also see an improvement to their overall ranking on the platform, potentially leading to additional sales and ultimately business growth.

Once you’ve completed a course, you can improve your ranking, and stand out from other sellers in your category. And oh yeah, you’ll get a sweet badge to boot.

Simply put, Learn from Fiverr is built for anyone looking to monetize a passion, take an entrepreneurial endeavor to the next level, or simply learn a new skill — and this is just the beginning. We are looking forward to building out many more courses to help you improve your skills and earn a living. Learn is another step in building the platform for helping the world work together; one that addresses everything in the independent and business lifestyle.

Ready to learn more and earn more? Get started here.

We’re also opening up a new Category here in the forum to discuss the courses and answer any questions!


wow its awesome , but nothing is for free everything is paid .
i don’t think that any new sellers gonna afford it :disappointed_relieved:


I think this is a good idea!

Those badges will be place on the profile page or somewhere on the gig? And how much this will improve our rankings to get more work?


That’s true, unfortunately.


If a new seller wants to either hone skills they already possess or learn new skills — in order to stand out of the crowd, they should consider it an investment on which they will (hopefully) get returns in the near future… :man_shrugging: That’s perfectly normal imo. :thinking:


According to the linked video, it will look like this, similar to the skill tests:

It seems we get to leave reviews for the courses too, at least the one I’ve been looking at to maybe take has already two 5* reviews. Is that going to be blind reviews too, the interaction we have with the course guys and gals might be about the same as some of us have with our buyers here, after all. :wink:

I guess I’ll take one regardless, curious. Oh, or maybe not, apparently, we need to pay with credit card?

Matt, as an idea, seeing that they are Fiverr courses and will be displayed on our profiles and only really useful for Fiverr “qualifications” probably, can’t we pay via balance or at least PayPal? I’d already have bought a course now then but I don’t want my cc data all over the net for no real good reason.

This is a legitimate question, I already saw 2 courses I’m interested in, one with an early bird price, and I’d like to have the option of paying via balance or PayPal.


senior seller already developed their skills and this course will scratch their hidden talent…but it will not benefits new seller because they will not afford …seller are here to sell not to buy …


well said @design_spirits


Ssshhhh… You’ll wake one of the investors :slight_smile:


Wow that’s very important for us… Thank you so much


Wow, It’s awesome. but i think the price is too much.

In Udemy, there are many great course which can be enrolled in just $10(For some days). I know there are many course which does not have a proper quality. But still there are many great course in there.

so i think the price is a little high. if fiverr make the courses under $15 then it will be much more helpful for all of us.

btw thanks FIVERR for this awesome system.


One more question: when clicking Buy it asks you to login or create an account. Seeing that those qualifications count for your profile and stuff, it doesn’t make sense to buy and do those courses if you don’t have an account already anyhow, but why the signing up option in addition to the login option then?
Can one create an account on the “Learn from Fiverr” page that would be just a “course account”, or would it automatically be a second (and thus forbidden) account then?


Well said. But I’ll give it a try.
Any such buying that will help one sell more is a good investment for a seller. I think the one I’ve looked at didn’t cost that much…$35…


I still wondering how this will help us to get more work, I mean are this badges on the “profile” page functional to get more exposure or get more orders? I wish someone to talk about this part…

Or maybe this is just a way to Fiverr make more money?


Just saw this option in my profile under sell menu item and took a minute to explore, looks like Fiverr’s in-house Udemy.

Buyers must gone through a test and course to understand how gigs are sold on Fiverr so that they will stop harassing sellers and only those who clear the exam and course should be allowed to make purchases,

And same should be regulated for CS, I don’t think that they properly understand Fiverr’s TOS etc and take decision based on their mood.


How about some free coupon code for your existing fiverr sellers?
I thinking of taking the Adobe Illustrator $67 course, but as a TRS I wish I can get a coupon code first!


A savvy buyer will realise they can access the courses (as I can) and find out how to do whatever it is they might have paid a seller to do.

E.g. the ’ SEO - Website Technical Audit’ course description even gives the name of the software I could use to do a website audit along with lots of other useful info. No need to hire a Fiverr seller then, and I might save some money into the bargain! :wink:


Anyway, I smell a conspiracy here. In the near future, seller may need to complete a course via the fiverr learn then only can boost the gig ranking on fiverr search (as they said in the video about ‘gain more exposure’). Or if you are nobody, you’ll need to take the course in order to go PRO. They have a lot of ways to play this a compulsory ‘step’ before you can do this or do that on fiverr. Just my conspiracy theory. :smirk::smirk:


First site EARN from fiverr Now site LEARN from fiverr :thinking::thinking: