Learn How to Bid on Projects?


Are you a new seller and want to know how to bid on Projects Or Projects are not showing to you in Buyer Request? Here I will give you a few tips that I have learned from my experience.
1) Complete 7 Gigs
If projects are not showing to you in buyer request then complete 7 gigs that are according to your skills.
2). Create a Gig with " Others Category"
It is also preferable to create a gig of “Others” Category. Projects will be showing to you in Buyers request
3) How to Bid
Start with greetings
Then describe what kind of problem the buyer is facing and how can you provide its perfect solution
Make sure you have read all the instructions from the buyer and you clearly understand these requirements. Bidding without having clear understanding will not help you to grab the project.
Describe some details of this project to buyers.
4)Try to get buyers trust.
5) Make him sure that his money will be saved by saying that I will work with money back guarantee
6) Be consistent & keep bidding 10 bids a day.

How my gig impressions will increase? please help

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Thank you for these tips. I’ll surely try them out hoping they’ll be of help. I’m new here, yet to get my first order.


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That is very important topic. but i think here is other something adding this topic.

  1. always try be a active. - that is very important to new seller.
  2. always thinking how to get ranked you gig.
  3. Communication skills do better with a buyer.
  4. some topic bring up to buyer for while he satisfied.


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