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☳ Learn New Design Tool πŸ†•

I am looking for someone to make product labels and other designs using a new online graphic design tool called MockoFun.

I have noticed that most of the design authors here are familiar with tools like Photoshop or Illustrator and do not want to learn something new!

So, if you want to learn MockoFun (it’s easy), please send me a message!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Because photoshop and illustrator are professional tools, not a mock up app for amateurs.
By the way you are not allowed to promote things on this forum.

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Thank you for your answer! There are many gigs here that offer designs made with other mock up app for amateurs
So, the reason is not only that.

I am still looking for someone that wants to learn new things …

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And again Canva is for amateurs. I would avoid avoid people who are using mock ups, Canva etc for designs because it’s just unprofessional and limiting design process + Canva and other mock up websites using mock ups guess from where? Riiiight, from the designers that created those mock ups in photoshop or illustrator.

If you need someone who never done design and using Canva by all means. Learning something new which is worse than tools that people are using is counter productive.


You are right about this, I also like Photoshop and Illustrator.
But, I need someone to make designs in this tool, amateurish or not :slight_smile: