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Hey, Learn Students! :books:

Still a thing or is the honeymoon over?

Anyway, I’m curious for those who have taken Learn courses, did it help you in any way? Which ones have you taken or are currently enrolled in?

More reviews, please. I got a chance to take one course, had my eyes on a few others in the past. Just a curious Kitty. :smiley_cat:


I’d like to know too!

I have taken a paid one … and, no, it didn’t help. But that may be my rather modest marketing skills. Trying to think of a way to market the problem technical seo audits solve …


Ok, cool. They’ve been sending my discounts. So, I was contemplating on taking them up on the offer or not. :laughing:

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Yes! Learn was so helpful to me in copywriting and social media writing. I don’t know that it’s helped my sales (hadn’t got an order in a while until one of my regulars placed one yesterday), but it’s definitely helped me outside of Fiverr, as I work as a staff writer part time and run my church’s social media account. These are very informative, invaluable. Plus, they almost always have bonuses.

I’d suggest you buy as much as you can afford within your niche and take the courses in one or two sittings, as most aren’t too long. Make sure you take notes as well.


Hi Nika :hugs:

A Yes from me too, I made use of some discount codes as well and have been enjoying the courses. In June, I did the free one and one by a lady on Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses, and in July, also one by a lady, Social Media Content Strategy.
I’m learning a few things in each course and even if I don’t get as much out of them as I could, that’s on me, for not having enough time to put notes into action :wink:
Sometimes things overlap but that’s no wonder due to the topics of the courses I’m interested in and doesn’t matter, positive reenforcement.
I also have an unfinished course still waiting for me, it’s a long one, and time and more urgent things kept me from it, so I’ll first finish that one before I get the next one, unless they’ll have a new one I really am curious about, and an offer I can’t say no to …

There’s a VO course now, have you seen? Although I’m not doing courses directly related to my Fiverr work (there aren’t any as of yet, so no wonder, of course lol) but still are helpful for that and other things. I think that probably many professional sellers might rather profit from courses that are not in their direct field of expertise, but else, another person’s view on things is often helpful too.


Hi, nice to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. This was helpful, I’m a learner, so my goal is to learn about things that are outside of my comfort zone. Like, the old saying goes… “Scientia Potentia Est” which translate to “Knowledge is power”. I’m happy that it has helped you with your projects. Cheers! :pineapple:


Miiilaaaaaaaaaaa :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

I appreciate you chiming in. I see that you’ve taken a bunch of courses. Very sweet! :clap:t4:

Your TRS :crown: it looks amazing on you dahling. :relaxed:

Ohhhhh, no I haven’t been to the Learn section in a long time. I’ll definitely check out the ones you’ve mentioned. I love the fact that it’s self-paced, cause being a fulltime Med Student time is scarce. I’ll use the discount code and try to squeeze in time for at least one course. It’ll be tough but I could spare 30-mins or so to learn a few new things. :grin:

Um, in my humble opinion you should be offering a course, 'cause you’re amazing at what you do. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re Authentic :bangbang:

Girls Toast! :wink: :partying_face:


mmm Where’s my bottle of Pinot Noir? :yum:

For Miss Crystal

This bottle is just for you. :wink:


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I’d find the courses more helpful if they had more depth. Every one I took just explained concepts, which I already knew. They seem oriented to newbies.


Good feedback! :ok_hand:t4:

Perhaps the course creators could think outside-of-the-box and provide courses with a little more substance. More quizzes and a final exam!


Thanks! Yeah I get that they want to encourage newbies, but enhancing skilled sellers would be great, too!

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The Google Analytics course is 3 courses, Fundamentals, Advanced and Mastery. They can be bought separately or all in one, I think. Perhaps that’s the idea for other courses as well, or at least apparently it’s an option for the people doing the courses, to expand to a “series”.

However, I noted that before too, it’s probable that many professional sellers will get more out of courses about topics they aren’t already so familiar with, who want to expand their knowledge to some other areas of interest.


I have taken the paid course ‘Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content.’ I thought it was a great introductory course to creating content. I found that my content creating skills are a little more seasoned, but the course was still a good refresher and entertaining, nonetheless.

I’m in the middle of taking the paid ‘Blog Content Strategy - Learn from Fiverr’ course. So far I’m loving that it covers everything from content creation, research and SEO optimization techniques. It covers a good range of topics for growing a client’s blog traffic/customers.

I’ve also taken the free ‘Online Freelancing Essentials: be a successful Fiverr seller’ course, which would be very helpful to new Fiverr sellers. I only wish I had taken it before spending days googling and watching YouTube tutorials on Fiverr. Haha.

Overall, I have found the courses to be helpful. An added benefit is that the badges look great to potential buyers.


Welcome to the forum, Copybykaeli!

Have you taken any copywriting courses off of Fiverr? If so, how did Fiverr’s course compare?

I’m pleased you’ve said this. That would be a turnoff for me. I’m more inclined to take more in-depth courses, if I take any at all.

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Hi, Kaeli!

Thank you for stopping by to share your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still deciding on which class to take. I took the same course by Jon Youshaei it really helped me a lot, too. Once in a while, I still go back to reading my notes from his class. Good stuff! I just want the quizzes to be a bit more challenging.

Ahem I wonder if @frank_d got a chance to create his course. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @nikavoice! Good to have you back!

Interesting factoid:

Fiverr gave me the cold shoulder and decided to go with another person for the free “fiverr seller” course (that’s the one I wanted to do the most) and I didn’t want to do an animation course like they suggested.

So I am building my own course right now, trying to figure out what’s the best platform to use to provide it to people.

Course is going to be Fiverr specific, and it will focus on:

Overcoming objections
Personal branding

Aaaaand… lead generation :wink:

This isn’t going to be some generic tips list or articles you read on the forums.

I will actually go in depth, trying to educate sellers on how to elevate themselves and play at a different level.

Plus i will be sharing pages right out of my playbook.

How I talk to buyers, how I handle difficult situations, how I up/cross sell, and how I negotiate (complete with examples and frameworks)

We will also be doing quite a bit of role playing because like most things, we need to practice what we learn

I also plan to offer 1:1 tutoring and some sort of group chat thing (most likely a private slack channel) so people can talk openly about their progress and we can create some sort of community. :slight_smile:


To be honest, that sounds like a lot of work and not exactly a very passive way to make a few $$$'s. Isn’t it also a bit… IDK, (possibly) counter-intuitive to compete against Fiverr? This kind of reads like you have an axe to grind.

Why don’t you do something simple like create a Fiverr-specific blog? You could still curate all the same course content but make it exclusively available to subscribers. At the same time, you could plaster affiliate links everywhere and, therefore, keep the Fiverr marketing beast happy. Later, you could then still release your course on Udemy or elsewhere.