Learn The Art Of Magic (60Min Video Lesson)


Hello all,

I am an experienced magician (10 years now). I have a DVD out on the market that retails for $35 and teaches the basic nuances of performing magic. I decided to offer 60min of that DVD here on fiverr…

What you will learn?

1.) Ab Libs (what to do when things go wrong

2.) Fool Proof Ways To Mis-Direct People

3.) Important Sleights Every Magician Should Know

4.) 10 Awesome Effects I Use In My Shows

All that for only $5? I must be crazy!!!



Hey Justin, cool gig. :slight_smile:

One question though: Why wouldn’t you offer the 2nd hour as an Extra?

Oh wait, I just answered my own question: You’re new. You can’t offer Extras until you’re Level 1 (if I recall correctly).


What you COULD do, to make extra $$$ in the meantime, is create another separate Gig, that offers the 2nd hour. In the Gig description, you could even recommend to the Buyer, that they purchase your 1st hour Gig, first.

Hope that helps you Level up, faster. :slight_smile:



thanks man. I appreciate the advice!!!