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Learn to get traffic, rather than buying it through the year

Dear Buyers

I am very happy to let you know that even I am a Traffic seller here, I do not entourage people to buy traffic again and again. Please check my newest gig where I offer seo optimization and guaranteed traffic for 1 year rather than a few thousand.

I will do permanent seo work on your websire or blog and you will get organic traffic from Google for years. I will make sure that your website or blog is well placed in the search engines and all the optimization are tuned to its best. I will surely not reveal that what did I do on the search engines, because its my business secret. But you may choose your own keyword to get visitors. You may also find that the traffic you are getting is organic and visiting your site via searching your chosen keyword. All the data and info will be shown in google analytics and ■■■■■■ stats center.

I don’t think with only one seo tuning it may last for an year, because in an year the website will have lots of updates.

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: No, for me you dont have to give me anything rather than your website address and your desired keywords

Reply to @hanjietech: The thing is that, I will tune the keywords and search engine back office quarterly.

For a Year? Wow thats a lot of work.

As far as my knowledge goes, this is rather vague and a very grey area.

Reply to @donchard: Why you people are trying to shamelessly advertise your gig on my thread?

Reply to @savourgig: Why you people are trying to shamelessly advertise your gig on my thread?

Reply to @seantrott: Because people are shameless :slight_smile:

Reply to @seantrott: I would think cause you advertised your thread in the “Tips for Buyers” Discussion. hehe… Thumbs Up

If you buy traffic you really should look into what traffic it is. If you are buying heavy traffic for a fiver then alarm bells should be ringing! Much like if somebody can “get you to the top of google and organic traffic” for a fiver - alarm bells should be ringing!

When you buy traffic on fiverr (and this is not aimed at the OP) but you are more than likely buying bot traffic. Yes, it will look good on your analytic, but it will not convert. It will not buy and it will not socially engage.

Now, if you are buying traffic from Facebook or Google (using their ad platforms, then that’s fine as its real people), but please people WAKE UP! Do your research (and by that I dont just mean ask the seller, because they will do 1 of 2 things - be honest and tell you its bot traffic, or 2 - lie to get a sale).


Whilst on the subject of things that will get your site nothing but crap, backlinks! DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you have a site that gives reviews, then all of a sudden you have 500 (awful quality) backlinks do you think that looks natural and organic? Seriously go and learn some basic seo practices before spending a few dollars on “hundreds of backlinks”.

Just to give you an idea - if you wanted one back link on a PR3 related niche blog for a month it would cost you around $10/30 depending on the blog. Can you imagine the crap you would be buying for $5 for 500 or whatever backlinks? Jeez.

end rant/mini education

@arnevb: So maybe buying those backlinks might be a great tool to downrank your competitors (backlinking their pages :wink:

Reply to @rebelgrapher: well as always my advice would be for people to focus on their own seo efforts and not at negative seo for competitors. What you going to do every-time somebody beats you to a top rank buy them thousands of backlinks? What about the next guy that outranks you? That time, effort and money would be better spent on your own seo imo.

fake referrals , fake search queries and he even stopped sending fake visitors after 3 weeks …

How is this any different than other SEO gigs and other SEO services out there? I have tried to promote my sites though various ways and never been more successful than a PR2.

Well, I have been successful getting tons of back-links by leaving useful comments on related site. And that is the service can render to anyone

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Is it applicable only for website or blog?

Or to fiverr gigs too…

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