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Learn to get traffic, rather than buying it through the year


Ok all of these SEO gigs are boloney! None will get you to first page and most will get you banned from google. These really need to be banned from fiverr.

Giving backlinks from sites that are not content relevant to yours will not improve your position. Giving backlinks from sites that are backlinking to 100s of others (which all of these clearly are) will also do nothing and get you flagged for spam. All the automated social sharing methods used here will also do nothing.

Stop advertising crap that can ruin someone’s business!


Stop trying to manipulate Google! Content is king!


Reply to @goldennic: Even better, place your website under your signeture…

#24 …buy real human traffic


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I am not into any links at all. Just tons of reliable traffic. So, are you guys saying that buying 350,000 visitors on Fiverr is a traffic bot? Is this the reason that this traffic is not showing up on my blog?


What does it meanwhen this traffic does not

show up on my blog? I need the numbers to show up on my blog.


I don’t want to be shown how to get traffic. I want to buy traffic.


Seantrott, I clicked your link and it said that it is no longer available.


How do we get to the fiverr gigs section? I would like to by lots of real traffic. But I need the real traffic to show up on my blog counter.


Oy vey!


SeanTrott are you still around? it looks like your gig has been removed or renamed. very interested in talking


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I must be lucky. Nobody has canceled my voice jobs yet. I just wish I could get more people to buy!


Reply to @jamesosix: I started as a buyer her, checking out backlins and such. I, like many other thought the offerings just sounded exiting. Then I started studiying SEO, which is a quite complex subject, my exitment went away…

Note to all, education is the best medecine.

Do you know how many other buyers come to me and tell me, “Get me traffic, sales, conversion, I don’t care how you do it just do it and do it for 5$”. I try to explain to them that it is a long continues process and not that easy and all the hear is bla bla bla, this girl is stupit, let me go buy some junk for 5$ and feel better…lol

ranting over…


Reply to @seantrott: all people like to share gig this forum and got more traffic and also visitors

it is


Reply to @kinggalaxius: you can check my gig

click my username and you can see my gig and you can order my gig




Reply to @kjblynx: yes accept it