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Learn to Say I'm Sorry!

We are human beings and we can not be 100% right all the time. Life itself is not 100% positive.Making mistakes is part of our characteristics, and we have to do everything possible to balance it. You can be a professional in your field, however, it is possible for you to commit some mistakes. One of the things that make you a professional is the ability to detect mistakes and make corrections. If you don’t know how to say “I’m sorry” when you make a mistake, you need to learn it very fast.

I have had some bad experiences on Fiverr due to little mistakes i committed. If i had learnt to say “I’m sorry, i will make it up to you”, some issues might be resolved amicably or overlooked. I have learnt to say I’m sorry.

Even if you’re a top rated seller, you can still make some avoidable mistakes. Some mistakes occur due to timing or work overload. If a buyer takes the time to point out some errors in your work, do endeavor to apologize and make corrections. Except the buyer is completely disappointed, a simple “SORRY” can make things right.

Have you learn to say I’m sorry? If not, go learn it NOW!