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Learn 🎁 Wishlist



Feel free to add your Learn wishlist to improve the course modules and whatnot.

What I wish for:

  • Student discussion area.

Getting feedback from the instructor, asking follow up questions would be nice. I’m an inquisitive person so this is a big plus for my personality type. :slight_smile:

  • More Categories.

Expanding my knowledge is always a beautiful thing.

Signed up for Jon Youshaei course: Stories That Sell: 7 Secrets To Create Killer Content

I wish for categories in:

  • animation courses.
  • video editing courses.
  • web based coding (html and jquery)

i do know a bit of coding (mostly self taught), but I have a little “yikes coding” moments…
need a little guidance to improve & motivate…


I wish for someone implementing all these features to grow a brain.

I have nothing against Learn. It is a nice idea. However, there is one fatal flaw in its execution.

It is being implied that Learn will help sellers get better exposure. However, as all sellers know, unavoidable cancellations, chargebacks, anonymous flagging, and (seemingly) false positives on the part of CS looking for sellers to ban, are hugely detrimental to doing business on Fiverr.

Given the above, why would I pay $20-$35 for possibly more favorable ranking, when I could lose that the next day due to someone ordering a service I do not provide?

I’m sorry, but to sell anything to anyone, you need your customers to trust you. In this case, I wish the people trying to promote Learn would start by encouraging Fiverr to be a fairer and more trustworthy platform to consider investing a few $$'s in.


I have an animation course in the works. :slight_smile:


A mentorship program would fit right in!


Pencil me in please :slight_smile:


I want to learn abit more in character animation… trying to do an cartoon animation


Well in that case be patient.

I plan on creating something that covers the fundamentals first.

We can’t jump in right to the advanced stuff, so it will be something like Animation 101.

But we’ll get there if the course takes off. :slight_smile:


Yes I know you need the basics…
Waiting for the course… good luck…


This is great! Interested to learn about pose animation. It can help for my cartoon illustration service too. :star_struck:

Hope the pose animation course not merge with software animation course. :blush:


My animation course will be helpful regardless of software used.

The fundamentals of animation are the same no matter where you apply them.

I think I will open a new thread to gauge interest in 2-3 courses I am currently considering.


More Daniel Walter Scott courses :smiley:


I hear ya!

Fiverr has a lot of work to do as far as re/gaining it’s users confident and trust again. I don’t agree with everything that’s unfolding, there is room for improvement. But on the flip side, it’s also, nice to them putting forth some effort. Albeit it’s not in the areas we would all like, but it’s still an effort.

I had a one on one :phone: chat with Fiverr Staff members and I’ve expressed some of the concerns you’ve mentioned here. They are aware of the situation, I let my voice be heard along with others. Now it’s in their hands to make the necessary changes.


Say what? :astonished:

Wowzers!:grin: :tada:

I will definitely show my support. :heart:


'Cause you’re a cool dude.

Plus, I get to learn to something new. Woohoo!

The basic 101 thingy would be FAB! :ok_hand:t4:

P.S ~ Lovin’ the new pic, I didn’t recognize you. :sweat_smile:
Shh, I’m wearing a cute cat hoodie. :smiley_cat:


Thank you @nikavoice for the support! :slight_smile:

I will post an update when I have an ETA.

Glad you like the new pic! It’s a completely new direction and I wasn’t too sure about it. :slight_smile:


My Learn Wishlist:

  1. WordPress Development (Basic & Advanced)
  2. Fixing the errors and bugs
  3. SEO (Full)
  4. App Development (Advanced)
    Or any technical course…

If anyone knows when technical courses will be added, do reply.


I want same like you