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anybody can tell me we are eligible to download the the videos and stuff from fiverr learning course when we buy
please add iso or app developer learning program along with other course its a request to fiverr


No. There isn’t a downloadable version.


we cant download the exercise files ???


I haven’t taken all the courses, but the ones I checked out didn’t have any exercise files.
You watch a video, take a test and that’s it.

I doubt you can download videos for any of the course, but maybe some do have exercise files.


Well, I am not entirely sure if it is against Fiverr’s rules to download these videos/exercise files. If it is against Fiverr’s rules, I would suggest that you do not try and create a downloadable file.

However, in case it is allowed, and you really wanted a downloadable file, you could use a video capture technique which is kinda similar to how one takes “screenshot” of pictures.

You could use a screen recording software and play the video, and anything that’s playing on your screen while the screen recording software is recording gets saved as a downloadable file.

Good luck!


look they said exercise files so can we download the files


There’s only one way to find out.
Purchase the course and if it has the files then probably you can download them.


thanks you dear but what i want original stuff so i can practise and tone my skills


thank you so much and one more question can we buy this with payoneer card


There is not going to be any difference between the video you see during the course and the downloaded video file that you obtain from a screen capture software (provided, Fiverr allows it).

So, if you were able to do something with the original video in the course, you will be able to do that in the downloaded file, too (well, unless, the videos have other embedded overlays or other codes that help you interact with them in the course). :slight_smile:


I guess OP wants to watch the video and use exercise files offline. That’s the only benefit I can see.


yeah but exercise file is good to have download to practise again and again and master some tools or other stuff


yeah right offline exercise files to practise the tools and master them thats all i want


@uxreview Oh, that makes sense. Thanks. I was only suggesting alternative ways of downloading the video because that’s what the OP had asked for in their initial message. :slight_smile:


can fiverr add more courses like app development in future


I’m sure they will add more, but as far as I know they haven’t provided any timelines.
They probably started with some popular categories to see if they get buyers.


can we pay via payoneer or with fiverr’s balance


I used PayPal and here are the options that I see
You can ask Fiverr support what options you have.

Or you can click on the Buy button and check what you have :slight_smile:



for sellers fiverr should include the option to buy with fiverr’s balance


You can’t download the videos, but you can take notes with Word or a piece of paper and a pen. I prefer Word since I can type 40 w.p.m, sometimes faster.

You should also realize that theft is common online, so someone could download videos and then sell the course for 50% off, 80% off, etc. That’s probably why you can’t download the videos.