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Learned a NEW seller tip today. Definitely improvement in Fiverr Ranking

Ok, so I found this really good guide and it turns out. Optimizing your title and also your video works. Optimizing is a strong element in fiverr as well. Maybe not as difficult as ranking in Google, but definitely easy enough for (continued)

quality traffic.

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Optimizing your video with the keyword is a great help. If your gig is youtube video download, your video.mp4 name should be youtube-video-download-youtube-video-download. Or a combo of all your tags. Just a quick tip I learned.

Keyword stuffing will get your website penalized in Google. I have been on Fiverr for a year only, but I have seen with my own eyes how they are fighting against keyword stuffing. For example, I cannot use certain words more than once in my gig description, and I was allowed to use them twice before (or more, if you count word stemming as well).

Oh, and btw, you haven’t told us what exactly your improvement consists of: how many places has your gig jumped up after you “optimized” it? How fast that happened?


Reply to @ezinearticles4u: Keyword stuffing will get you penalized. However, you should always pay attention to the ratio/keyword density. For instance, 20 words should have 1-2 keywords. Per 20 words. If it is a 100 paragragh,it should at most have 5 keywords. Maybe even 4, and some lsi. You can also use variations, im sure in your fiverr gig need your keyword at least 3x and another keyword like that one 3x as well. And both keywords in your title.

Reply to @ezinearticles4u: When i first made my gig, it was new. And the very last one. After I changed my video title, I went all the way up to the second row!

Reply to @howtodoseo: If memory serves me well, you can’t use the keyword in your title more than once, and stemming is counted towards your max number of keywords as well.

For example: I am not allowed (when trying to edit my old gig title) to use words “article” and “EzineArticles” in my gig title at once - something which I was able to do before. That was my point!

And keyword density talk… I leave to SEOs…:slight_smile:

Reply to @howtodoseo: That sounds like a really significant improvement!

But I’m curious: How to know it is not some other factor pushing your gig to the top?

Reply to @ezinearticles4u: “And both keywords in your title.” Meaning the Lsi Keyword and your Main Keyword. You have to figure out a way for it to mesh. I just did it in my latest gig.?

Fiverr is kind of over the top with their requirements for the gig because not everyone is purposely trying to stuff keywords into their gigs – sometimes it naturally fits but you can’t use it more than 2-3x which gets annoying.