Learning and delivering


Hi all –

My main gig is to create cool looking cover pages. For example, I made this decent (aside from the text) facebook cover photo for wolfpacma. (edit: link removed)

I want to do more stuff like that, but my mission is essentially: Why do throwaway work for practice when I could work on something that might help somebody and take at least 50% of my small revenue to contribute to grassroots political candidates I support, like Alison Hartson (D), who is a progressive challenger to Sen. Diane Feinstein in the Democratic primary (Whether you’re liberal or conservative, progressive or even alt-right, Feinstein’s voting record is ridiculously conservative that it’s hilarious).

Sorry, I digress from politics; the point is I want to find people who are willing to take a chance on somebody in exchange for 100% refund for any or no reason whatsoever. Maybe someone who wants to touch up some photos to put on Tinder :), or maybe a cool Twitter cover photo/banner. Not a small business that needs a new logo by 6pm sharp tomorrow.

Does that kind of buyer exist in decent amounts around here?


Reading as a buyer, I would see in this:

…this meaning:

Why not selling the throwaway work that I do for practice to somebody

and, consequently, I would run away.