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Learning from mistakes can be useful too

Hello dear new and experienced fellow sellers, I really like all the tips for sellers here, they are really great and useful. I learned a lot from them and keep learning. :slight_smile:
On the other hand gaining experience also often includes making mistakes.
Today it occurred to me that sharing them with others would allow us to learn more.
I created a gig “I will be your Virtual assistant in China” but did not specify that I would not give away my personal information like phone number etc. It resulted in some misunderstandings because Buyers often requested such information for their tasks. That is why I would advise new sellers to foresee such situations and specify requirements about your privacy.
Did you also have such mishaps? We are just human. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Most of my work that I do ends up in Custom orders, and I’ve learned to scale down the size of projects, I do. I learned from experience to not take any more large projects.

yes that is really important to take care of while writing the gig description, which ever you think you cannot do or offer, you should clearly mention that in your gig. it will help save your time in future and may also help in avoiding a bad review.

Yes it’s very important to be careful about your work because perfection in work reflect your capacity and sincerity. I am also a first level seller and learning from my mistakes. I am struggling a lot for being better but I am glad to have sellers like you guys.
Thanks for such a great information and advice here.