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Learning Stages

Hey there, its been 3 years struggling through I hardly manage to complete 2 orders. Can anyone guide me through that what is the reason for this achievement?

Well, as you say in your profile’s tagline: first impressions do matter. Your gigs have to do with graphic design, but your thumbnails and images are not impressive at all. That is my first impression. In fact, I have got to be honest and say they are not of professional quality.

Also, one of your logos looks very much like the one of L in Death Note… You have made a few changes to it and made it look worse, but I knew what it was as soon as I saw it.

I will say it outright in case you don’t understand: IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO STEAL DESIGNS!!!


First of all, thanks very much for explaining my mistakes and allowing me to enhance more of myself to compete the market. I personally and heartily appreciate your experienced comments.
But as long as the stealing designs is concerned, believe me I do not do that things. I wish I could have been able to do so but I am a coward in this regard.
The one you are describing about can be a co-incident but I did not do that.

Lastly, can you please guide me a way where I can enhance my capability to design which really make “first impressions do matter”
will be anxiously waiting for this way, thanks .

In fact, I am demotivated. I know these designs can be more worse that you are describing. I have created awesome designs in past and my gigs ranked on the first page too but in vain. I could not gain any benefits from that.

That brought me to the stage I could not carry with my passion. But if you can help me in this regard, I assure you that I have a countless learning strength, will start again with full of energy.