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Learning to sell at Fiverr

Its been approx 2+ years since I have been a part of Fiverr community. But the success I expected has not met me yet. Dunno the reason. Yet, I am sure I will find my way. Anyone at help?


Maybe because you are using stolen images from the internet in your logos?


Nope, all the work presented as well as delivered is original.

Do you really want me to insert here screenshots of the original logos and the logos that you used stock photos and photos from the internet?


It seems like you are a level 2 seller, that sounds pretty successful to me???

Having that said, there are thousands of logo designing gigs here at Fiverr,
it would be hard to get constant orders unless you have something very unique and original to offer.

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Yes please, I’d love to know if there’s a flaw so that I can improvise it.

Yeah, that is the main concern. I am at level 2 but I do not have regular work. The customers who reach me out, work with me. But the mass that I get to reach out, it is too low. I do not know how to reach out more people, atleast bring an awareness about my services here.

Are you seriously saying you don’t know which logos you took parts from the internet?

Fine. This is the one that I randomly picked from your portfolio


Nope, honestly I was not aware that my artist took a direct pick from google. I trusted her submission. Thanks for pointing it out. Can you tell me how can I check all the logos? Is it by uploading on google image as a reverse search or any other method?

I’m afraid I cannot help you here, you can either do some marketing research, or hire someone who can do that for you. I believe there are sellers who can do that here at Fiverr.

Also you seriously need to keep and eye on your “artist” when it comes to logos or ANY gigs that has to do with images. Buyers are smart, a lot of them do research before ordering.
I won’t be surprised if a potential buyer decided not to order from you because he/she noticed that the logo images were simply stolen.


I am sure I will find a way out to reach out the mass.

As for the logo, it was the only 1 that the lady found. And I confirmed with my artist, it was not intentional. I will get it replaced very soon. If you check my gig, all the work is originally done and if you read the buyer reviews, they speak for us.

How can you unintentionally steal a logo?

Especially considering that gig promises unique logos?


It was not stolen. :slight_smile:
Please do not reach to conclusions without knowing the complete matter.

If its last photo in google search then its probably not stolen. If you have premium account on freepik you can edit their photos if license allows it. Whether somebody who used have premium account I don’t know.

What do you prefer then? Borrowed without asking? You need to provide attribution for that image unless you have a Freepik premium account. But as @mariashtelle1 correctly said below that is a no-go.

Still, you are also lying to your customers. They are not getting a unique logo.



In logo design you can not use any stock photos even if you have licence for it.

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Yape, I do have a premium account on Freepik. Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

Okay, noted. But I think you have not read my customer feedback. All the delivered work is original.

Yep but my point is that it’s not stolen

Hmmm, based on what I’m reading, I believe that technically the images were not stolen, however the seller ( or in this case the “artist” in charge of designing the logo) was not being honest, especially if the gig promises a unique logo.

Either way it still seems like a no-no, I hope you remove that image ASAP and have a long talk with your artist.