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Learning whilst selling on fiverr :D


Hello Community,

I have always wanted to do logo design but my work has never been of high enough standard, however with new software and time I have started to make some great logos and I do spend quite a lot of time on them. I find it hard to make up logos for fictional companies on fiverr so I set up a gig to get real practice and am enjoying it so much! I never thought the day would come where I would satisfy myself and a customer with a high quality logo. I did spend over 2 hours straight on the logo but I aim to provide top quality so it can be marked as completed first time. I am now watching more tutorials and letting my creativity flow :smiley: Never thought this day would come and sales are also on the rise!



Way to go!! :slight_smile:


Yeah getting a few orders a week now and buyers like my work too!


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