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Learnt from a mistake


I’m not writing this asking for help, I accept that I made a mistake and learnt from it.
Just posting this in hope other people new to Fiverr don’t get in the same situation I was in.

I had a buyer pick my cheapest gig and sent the requirements, the requirements were clearly complex enough that he should have chosen one of my more expensive gigs. I told him that the requirements he sent me are not for the gig he purchased, he promised that he’d pay a large tip for the work to make up for it. I trusted him and went ahead and delivered the work for him.

Well as you guessed, I delivered the work and didn’t ever hear back from him.

Unless the buyer is a returning buyer or you having an existing relationship, be very cautious with being as trusting as I was.


Why you trust someone? You should offer gig extras in the existing order. Because the requirements wasn’t meeting your price.

You fell for one of the classic blunders.


You are right, I trusted him because I was naive and lacked judgement and experience. I have learnt from that now.

Is this a common thing to happen to sellers?

It depends. It’s doesn’t commonly happen to me - in fact in never happens to me. But that’s because I don’t work for tips, for promises of future work, I don’t do free samples, I don’t drop prices. Here’s what I do, and this is the price. Take it or leave it. Oh, you have a contact that will do it for cheaper? Why are you wasting your time talking to me, then?

On the other hand, that kind of thing (free samples that don’t lead to an order, false promises of tips, false promises of future work) happen regularly to meksells. Why would that be, I wonder.


“I COULD pay you for the work now, but I’ll wait until after I’m not obligated to pay you anymore, even though it won’t cost me more to just do it now”

This is what your client told you. 100% of the time when someone says this to you, they’re lying. 100%.


“If I like your work, I’ll give you a large tip”

“If I like your work, there will be a lot more in the future”

“If I like your work, I will recommend you to everyone”

And every time, they try to get you to do more work than they’re willing to pay.


Yes same as me, I don’t work for tips (tipping is not really part of our culture in Australia so I don’t even expect it). It was just poor judgement on my end. I will take a much harder stance in future though, similar to yours

On top of that, there’s no reason to do it - if he’s willing to pay as a tip, he’s willing to pay as a gig extra. Costs him the same. Makes no sense.

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Thanks for showing me that perspective, It really highlights my blunder. We live and learn!

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Honestly, when I first started selling I think they could smell the inexperience on me. And don’t forget, even though you got tricked, they’re the ones in the wrong for trickin ya. At least now you know what to look out for :slight_smile:

Promises of a tip bigger than the order price? Never go for promises.

Yes, absolutely right. It was very naive of me to believe the customer will follow through.

I face mostly the same thing just couple of times every year. But I can’t stop trusting people. I think it’s a part of the business to establish a long term working relation.

For the first order with any buyer I don’t let abuse more than $5-$10 worth of work. Definitely I don’t recommend my way. I started in Fiverr around 2014 and already have both of positive and negative experiences. I’ve got most of my buyers (approximately 90% +) are good so far and a very few are really not.

Best wishes for you!

It is part of learning. A pity it happened to you.

You will get an order more than that amount to make up for it.

Do not allow it to bother you. It happens in real life too not a fiver thing

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