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Least competitive categories

I did my best to find the answer on the topic title question on the forum and browsed around the Fiverr categories, but still, I have no concrete results so, even it is against my policy to not start a new topic, I am starting one.

Do you know what categories on Fiverr are the least competitive, meaning if you have skills in that area, you could reach higher-income faster?
I am searching for entirely opposite categories from logo design and graphic design. The origin of this is that I just saw a buyer’s request for woodwork. Not drawing or plans, but actual woodwork. And I could not find any seller offering this. Now, I could do it, but it never occurred to me to provide woodwork or similar physical work that requires postal delivery on Fiverr.
Any suggestions?

EDIT: To explain my question and topic further, recently due to COVID but even before some people came on Fiverr in a desperate attempt to make money fast. Most recently, that is logo design. Now, if you are already a graphic designer and you just want to use Fiverr additionally, it is OK, but if you are new to graphic design, you know nothing about graphic design and you have no skills in the field if that were me I would instead look for a job that is in demand and then educate my self in that field.
So if you want to be a new seller on Fiverr and you have no skills at all (other than the basic ones we all posses), why not select from least competitive categories what interests you and then build yourself and carrier there.


It’s hard to tell as we don’t really have the info. Fiverr probably does.

You could look at this thread in case that helps:

I’m not sure delivery of physical products work that well on Fiverr though. I don’t think it’s really set up for it or that it would be very profitable normally.

I added more context to my question. I see a lot of “graphic designers” in logo category and here on the forum, they say they have 2 months, 1-month experience. If you love the work, you feel you are talented and have something to offer, then yes, by all means, be a logo designer, but if this is just a desperate attempt to get money due to the economy crashing and you are willing to do anything, why not do something that is in demand? The woodwork was just an explanation of how my trail of thoughts came to this. Now I presume in next year we won’t see any buyer asking for woodwork, but there must be some categories with little sellers or low-quality sellers where you can truly shine if you are interested, eager, and honest.

From your link, the graphic and design category looks tempting but 7 million dollars split on X numbers of seller equals no normal income to live of per month.

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Though you could check the different subcategories. Some subcategories (eg. within Graphics & Design) will be more profitable than others. While there’s lots of competition for logo design if someone has skills in it I agree it’s still probably worth creating a gig for it as it still seems profitable. So it’s probably worth checking subcategories rather than the overall categories as it should be more accurate I think (depending on amount of gigs in those subcategories).

You could create a gig related to ideas for profitable services as there probably aren’t that many gigs for that.

Maybe do searches on Fiverr and see how many services there are for the different search phrases and see the number of gigs shown for that search, roughly how many reviews the gigs get (though it might be difficult to get a rough idea if there are many gigs for that search), their prices etc. to see roughly whether it could be worth creating a gig there (though we don’t see the actual selling prices). Or check trending searches (on Google) or something. Or maybe do something similar to what it says in that category link (bearing in mind that link shows approx figures from whenever it was analysed and the actual figures for order amounts/order prices aren’t actually known - my guess is that link is based on gig/package prices and no. of reviews).

Costume design, small competition

Good question.

Maybe you have to look at your skills differently.

Say, offering Gigs like (and these are just random examples to make a point):

Graphic Design (Logo B&W)
Graphic Design (Logo Colour)
Graphic Design (Letterheads)
Graphic Design (Product Brand)
Graphic Design (24 Hour Turnaround)
Graphic Design (2-5 Day Turnaround)
Graphic Design (freehand)
Graphic Design (Computer Created)…and so on.

You need to get DETAILED in the specific niche you are in to get noticed in the sea of competition.

I hope this helps.

I keep getting notifications and I see the topic title and ask myself “Why is this coming to me, what do I have to do with this??” Only to realize this is one of my first topics before I started selling on Fiverr.

Time flies.

My choice as a designer to NOT focus on logo design turned out to be a good choice.
And between my topic and today we had Blavaro joining and gave us this photo:

I used this data and compared it to the skills I have certificates for and then everything else I can do.
I created new GIGs recently and we shall see in January February what would be the result of my 2 months of research and work on preparing everything for publishing.


You are smart in being proactive.

That alone gives you a leg up on your competition.


Thank you very much for sharing this data! It’s really helpful for me to see the stats and see where my talents lie on there! Thanks!


I think that graphism and design is the most competitive category, absolutly everyone is doing mostly logo and brand creation for 5€ I believe, from everything I see on forum and when I checked this category to find out.
With covid yeah, everyone came here for sure, I’m one of them lol, but for video editing.

Just logo category (not design).

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Though only just over half of the logo gigs start at $5. ie. about 50.253% of them do (86,492 out of 172,111).
Also most logo gigs I think have 3 packages so they are only starting at $5.

Also having the most other gigs in that category doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It depends on how many buyers there are, and whether a new gig will likely be sold. I think in logo design there’s some gigs with thousands of reviews but a lot of others with none, ie. I think the purchases aren’t really spread out much amongst the gigs.

It has to do with 60% of sellers not actually having any skills or knowledge regarding design and logo design.

I am checking logo category every day (don’t ask, it for video :P) and around 30000 sellers that are there (just there, just one subcategory, have zero sales for 3 years)


Looking at the number of services in each subcategory, I’m taking a second look at possibly making a gig in the Lifestyle Viral Videos category. The category seems to be dominated by female dancers/models, and men who act wacky in a jungle or look like Jesus.

I am not a female, cannot dance, am a continent away from any jungle, and do not have a passing resemblance to Jehova; but there might be an opening as it is far from being a saturated subcategory with an immense number of established sellers.

The question is, how far would I personally be willing to go to target wacky meme lovers and say ridiculous/outrageous things…

In this category you can find absolutly anything, I once found the gig of a guy who writes your name on an egg, and crush it on his head for 5€ :rofl:


When people ask me to help them and they have no skills I always tell them to boat man and fruit man. They are making money by siting in boat and talking or wearing fruit and talking.

Juicero maybe flopped but not before they gave them millions of dollars for it.

You need to know how to sell.

If you know how to sell there will always be buyers.


Ehh, that’s another thing.

The general perception of the Viral Videos category is not the best. Is it worth it to willingly enter a category that is commonly seen as having low-brow or unskilled gigs.

People love humor and humor sells, but is one willing to look and act foolish/crazy on video to get the buyers that like that type of humor. It becomes a business question and a personal question.

Sounds like a fetish Gig. LOL
You would not believe the things people will pay for. Back in the 90’s while on another site … there were people (mainly guys) who would pay you to smash cream pies (usually lemon meringue) in your face and many other things that were really out there. I never did any pie to face stuff - I was there just reading charts for people. LOL