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Least competitive categories

I did my best to find the answer on the topic title question on the forum and browsed around the Fiverr categories, but still, I have no concrete results so, even it is against my policy to not start a new topic, I am starting one.

Do you know what categories on Fiverr are the least competitive, meaning if you have skills in that area, you could reach higher-income faster?
I am searching for entirely opposite categories from logo design and graphic design. The origin of this is that I just saw a buyer’s request for woodwork. Not drawing or plans, but actual woodwork. And I could not find any seller offering this. Now, I could do it, but it never occurred to me to provide woodwork or similar physical work that requires postal delivery on Fiverr.
Any suggestions?

EDIT: To explain my question and topic further, recently due to COVID but even before some people came on Fiverr in a desperate attempt to make money fast. Most recently, that is logo design. Now, if you are already a graphic designer and you just want to use Fiverr additionally, it is OK, but if you are new to graphic design, you know nothing about graphic design and you have no skills in the field if that were me I would instead look for a job that is in demand and then educate my self in that field.
So if you want to be a new seller on Fiverr and you have no skills at all (other than the basic ones we all posses), why not select from least competitive categories what interests you and then build yourself and carrier there.


It’s hard to tell as we don’t really have the info. Fiverr probably does.

You could look at this thread in case that helps:

I’m not sure delivery of physical products work that well on Fiverr though. I don’t think it’s really set up for it or that it would be very profitable normally.

I added more context to my question. I see a lot of “graphic designers” in logo category and here on the forum, they say they have 2 months, 1-month experience. If you love the work, you feel you are talented and have something to offer, then yes, by all means, be a logo designer, but if this is just a desperate attempt to get money due to the economy crashing and you are willing to do anything, why not do something that is in demand? The woodwork was just an explanation of how my trail of thoughts came to this. Now I presume in next year we won’t see any buyer asking for woodwork, but there must be some categories with little sellers or low-quality sellers where you can truly shine if you are interested, eager, and honest.

From your link, the graphic and design category looks tempting but 7 million dollars split on X numbers of seller equals no normal income to live of per month.

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Though you could check the different subcategories. Some subcategories (eg. within Graphics & Design) will be more profitable than others. While there’s lots of competition for logo design if someone has skills in it I agree it’s still probably worth creating a gig for it as it still seems profitable. So it’s probably worth checking subcategories rather than the overall categories as it should be more accurate I think (depending on amount of gigs in those subcategories).

You could create a gig related to ideas for profitable services as there probably aren’t that many gigs for that.

Maybe do searches on Fiverr and see how many services there are for the different search phrases and see the number of gigs shown for that search, roughly how many reviews the gigs get (though it might be difficult to get a rough idea if there are many gigs for that search), their prices etc. to see roughly whether it could be worth creating a gig there (though we don’t see the actual selling prices). Or check trending searches (on Google) or something. Or maybe do something similar to what it says in that category link (bearing in mind that link shows approx figures from whenever it was analysed and the actual figures for order amounts/order prices aren’t actually known - my guess is that link is based on gig/package prices and no. of reviews).