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Leave a $5 Tip in appeciation for those who have helped you here on the forum


Hey everyone and to all my fellow fiverr sellers. I would hope that you will choose a seller/poster here on the forums and leave them a tip for being such a great person and just all around helpful as a fiverr seller. $5 not much to ask but I think it is a great way to give back to those on the forums who have been especially helpful and supportive. I picked the seller that i feel have helped me the most in 2012 and just left them a $5 tip in appreciation.




This is a great idea and I have just the person I’m going to tip !


Great idea! :slight_smile: Happy New Year!


Thanks, Ashley!


I’ve seen this a lot actually when looking at peoples gigs they post.

"xxx with a tip order"

and im like, Oh, s/he’s from the forums :smiley:


Just done mine


I want to leave a tip for fawadyk, she’s been extremely helpful…but when she sent me a custom gig, there wasn’t a tip option like before. How do I send/give her a tip $$$. I REALLY want to.