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Leave a feedback without comment?

I ordered twice from the same seller. I post one feedback, and the second one I don’t want to write a comment. I only want to give him 5 starts. Is it possible?


Sorry, But it not possible. You have to write a comment to publish the rating.

But you can write a short comment like " Great Job ", “well done”

But I will recommend you to if the seller done a great job. you should have a great and a little bit long comment even it will take your 1-2 minute but it will be much useful for him/her and will be very happy.


Nope that’s not possible! If you want to leave a review, then you have to leave a comment along with it! But please know that you should never feel forced to leave a review! I hope that helps!


Well, I have seen someone put simply a (.)

But I agree with @fasay717. Simply write something short. You could even merely write “thanks.”


Think of it as your good deed :slight_smile:

Also, you could just say “Great. Repeat buyer here”.

Short, and says volumes to other buyers and you’ll be helping this seller remain on the platform for longer.

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