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Leave a tip after the delivery is long complete

I neglected to leave a tip, and now it appears I’m too late. Is there any way to still leave one?

Yes. The easiest way I know of is to message the seller and tell them you meant to leave a tip and since it’s too late, you’d like to do it through a custom order. Tell them how much you want to send ($5 or up in $5 increments like 10, 15) and ask them to send you a custom offer for $X and in place of delivery they can just attach anything like a blank text file.

When they send the offer, you pay for it and they deliver as discussed. The best part about tipping that way is that you can also leave another great review. Many sellers need those reviews just as much as extra $, especially if they have less than 1K 5 star reviews. Thanks for being thoughtful!