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Leaving a review

… can someone tell me what I need to be asking for to get clients to leave a review? It was a while back since I used Fiverr as a buyer, and although I know there is a ‘modification’ button, what is the other one that accepts the order and allows you to leave a review?

I need a generic reply to ask clients to leave a review for me.

Cheers in advance!


Just encourage them to leave a positive review when you deliver your work. In the end, all a seller can do is ask – such as “if you liked my work, please leave a rating and review on this gig”. It is entirely up to the buyer whether they choose to leave a review (positive or negative).

Give away free stuff! It’s always a good incentive for buyers.



Sorry, you may of misunderstood my question. I want to know what the button is called to enable them to leave a review - what is written on it?

I know there is a ‘modification’ button. But what is the ‘accept delivery’ button?

I want to make it as simple as possible for them - I often get ‘messages’ saying ‘great job’ and my reply is ‘Thank you very much, would you be kind to leave a review’ but I want to tell them what button to hit to leave the review.



Reply to @artworkking: After you have submitted your order. Then post a review boxes will appear.

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