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Leaving a thumbs up after 3 days?

Hi Fiverrists!

Just wondering if I am correct in thinking that as buyer you can only leave a thumbs up before a gig is completed. My understanding until now was that if a buyer accepted the gig within 3 days they could leave feedback. Outside the 3 days the gigs is completed and no feedback can be left? This is what i thought until earlier today when i was able to leave feedback for a gig that had been completed a week ago! Is this correct. Or is this a potential bug?

Mr Explainer

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: You hit the nail on the head that was what i afraid of! So that means a buyer could change their mind? Although i checked and looks like if someone has already a left thumbs up they cant change their mind after 3 days completion?.

Reply to @madmoo: Yes i tested it an i was able to change my feedback. I kept it as positive but i just wanted to test it!

So its a myth then? that feedback can not be left after completion of 3 days? Or did something change?

This is from fiverr T+Cs

Responding and posting a review: once work is delivered, the buyer has “3 days to respond and post a review” (or 14 days for Gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the respond time, the order will be considered completed.

Ive put in quotes the part that seems to mention 3 days?

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Reply to @madmoo: yea you did! but “GOOD” to hear it again :wink:

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Reply to @bachas85: At the moment i think its a bad thing. I think it would be good if feedback could only be left after a limited time period. 3 days is too short.

But i may change my mind. Might suggest as a feature

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Reply to @vedmak: Think you are right = YES :wink:

How and where can you leave Feedback? I’ve gone back to all my ‘completed’ projects on Fiverr and nowhere on God;s earth can I find a button to leave feedback. Frustrating as F

When a seller delivers a gig, you will have the option to “accept and review” it or “request for modification”… If you choose the accept and review option, a star bar will appear where you can rate the seller.

However, if you do not this within 3 days after the seller delivers, the job automatically gets completed. You may still leave a review though, but only within 30 days after it is mark as a completed.