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Leaving buyer requirements' section blank

Hey guys! I’m new on fiverr. I’ve been setting up my first gig but I had a query. Should I leave the Buyer requirements section blank? Would it have any negative effects?

Do you mean the requirements? It’s in your best interest to make sure you ask the buyer what you need before the orders start otherwise you could run out of time without the information needed if they are slow at replying.

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What type of Gigs do you offer?

It is usually a good idea to always fill out the requirements section, but again, depends on what you are offering.


Thanks for the answer. It was very helpful!

I offer blog post writing. I was thinking about getting the information from client after s/he places the order but as @wolfhowler suggested that I could run out of time that way, I think it wouldn’t be wise to leave the buyer requirements’ section blank.

You should be proactive and not reactive as a seller.

Proactive means that you insist clients give you clear instructions when placing their order. Without clear instructions, the order cannot proceed.

Reactive means you waste your time and effort chasing the buyer for instructions once they place an order. But due to different time zones or the buyer being lazy or not understanding English, it takes you many hours or days to get the information. By which point you’ll be stressed, looking at the clock ticking down, and thinking why did I even bother.

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