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Leaving Feedback after accepting order


Hey, I have a valued client who clicked complete on an order on my voiceover gig but forgot to leave feedback. He’s asked for some help. Is anyone able to suggest what he needs to do to leave feedback please?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi Carl, Buyers get option to leave feedback right after they “Mark the order as completed”. I think they (your buyer) probably closed the tab right after completing the order. They can still rate the order by visiting the order page.

Please try not to use words like review, feedback or stars in conversation, it usually triggers auto-warning. I’d suggest you not to contact support regarding this. Sometimes they misunderstand such things as “Review Manipulation” and give a “warning” to seller(s).

Best you can do here is say, “You can do that by going to order page”.


Brilliant. Thanks for your help!